The goal of the game is to throw the shuttlecocks through the ring at height. This article has multiple issues. The Landing Disc [13]. IIT, Roorkee won the best innovative design award. Robocon India Learn how and when to remove these template messages. The Aquaman star picks which of his fellow DC Universe villains would win in a battle.

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You can help by adding to it. In this game, each team designs two robots, one as pass robot, and another as try robot. Each can either be manual or automated. The pass robot will pick up the rugby balls, and the try robot needs to either place them to the trying spot, or to kick the ball passing through a pole.

The game ends when three minutes had passed, or when all seven kicking balls shared for both teams have been kicked. It was related to the Urtuu system of Mongolian tradition. Total 17 teams from 16 different countries participated in this Competition. The goal of the game is to throw the shuttlecocks through the ring at height. In Vietnamese culture, the game is about celebration and making friendship.

In the game, each team are given a few shuttlecocks and needs to design two robots, one manual and one automatic robot. The manual robot needs to hand the shuttlecocks to the automatic robot, which attempts to throw the shuttlecocks through the rings unlike the traditional game, there are three rings at various heights in this game.

The winner can be achieved by points, or by immediate KO if the robots successfully throw the shuttlecocks through three rings, and for the highest ring, the shuttlecock lands on a golden disk on the opposite side. The theme is "Asobi: The landing disc".

Team which will be able to land at least one disc on each pole will be declared as the winner of the game. If no team is able to land disc on each pole then the winner is declared as given in the rulebook.

The theme is "Clean Energy Recharging the World". The concept behind the theme is the utilization of renewable energy sources, the theme is available at [9] [10] The match is between 2 teams viz. The contest theme was "Robominton-Badminton RoboGame". In the contest, the 2 teams red and blue had to play the game of badminton against each other. Each team made 2 robots to play a normal doubles badminton game.

The winner is Dhurakij Pundit University coming from Thailand. The winners were a team from China who completed the task consistently in 18 seconds. It was won by Harbin Institute of Technology to give China its third successive win.


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