The Alexiad remains one of the few primary sources recording Byzantine reactions to both the Great Schism of and the First Crusade, [2] as well as documenting first-hand the decline of Byzantine cultural influence in both eastern and western Europe. Book 2 addresses the Komnenian revolt. Book 4 addresses war against the Normans — Book 5 also addresses war against the Normans — , and their first clash with the "heretics".

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The translation used is that of dition used is that of Elizabeth A. Dawes, published in London in Note that there is a later translation by E. Sewter, published by Penguin. The text here is presented as either one complete file, or in "book" length files. CXXXI, The best of the older editions edition is that of the Corpus Script.

Anna Comnena Komnene. The Alexiad. Edited and translated by Elizabeth A. London: Routledge, Kegan, Paul, This is useful but not always very readable. Buckler, of course, did not identify quotations and text references - which are the job of the translator.

Edited and translated by E. Harmandsworth: Penguin, Edited and translated into modern Greek by N. Konstandopoulos with I. Vol I. Prologue, Books Athens: Modern Greek] Translated by Aloe Sideri. Vol 1: Books Athens: Ed.

Danish] Anna Komnenas Alexiade. Translated O. Copenhagen: French] Alexiade. Paris: ByDiether Roderich Reinsch. Cologne: DuMont Buchverlag, Moscow: Nauka, Glav. Seville: Editorial universidad de Sevilla, By Salvatore Impellizzeri. Bari: Dedalo, Stockholm : Atlantis, Book By Herbert Hunger. Other Primary Sources Browning, Robert.

London: The text is given in Greek, but the introduction is valuable for the Greekless. Gautier, Paul, ed. Michel Italikos, Lettres et discours. Nicephoras Bryennios [husband of Anna Komnene]. Materials for a History. Edited as Comentarii.

By Augustus Meinecke. Corpus Scriptorium Historiae Byzantinae. Bonn: Translated into French by Henri Gregoire. Byzantion 23 : ; and Byzantion : Nicephoras Bryennios [husband of Anna Komnene]. Edited as Histoire with French trans. Corpus Fontium Historiae Byzantinae, Vol.

Brussels: Literature Adam, Paul. Princesses Byzantines. Paris, Firmin-Didot et cie, Aerts, W. Rapports et co-rapports. Albu, Emily. Edited by Thalia Gouma-Petersen. New York: Garland, The Byzantine Empire London; New York: Longman, Baldwin, B. Barrett, Tracy. Anna of Byzantium. New York: Delacorte Press, Glorie der griekse middeleeuwen: Anna Comnena, Arnhem, Van Loghum Slaterus, Bompaire, Jacques. Paris, Les Belles Lettres, Brand, Charles M. Abstracts of Papers 21 : Buckler, Georgina.

Anna Comnena: A Study. London, Oxford University Press, In fact, it is not quite a monograph and not quite an "encyclopedia of Anna. Edited by D. Conca, F. Anna Comnena. New York: Twayne Publishers, Foakes-Jackson, F. France, John. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, Thesis: Western Michigan University, Gouma-Petersen, Thalia. Gouma-Petersen, Thalia, ed. Anna Komnene and Her Times.

Gouma-Petersen has been at the forefront of those who realized feminist scholarship has something to offer students of Anna. Dissertation: University of California, Berkeley, Hanawalt, Emily Albu. March-April Hill, Barbara.

Edited by Margaret Mullet and Dion Smythe. Belfast Byzantine Texts and Translations. Greek: A History of the Language and its Speakers. See Macrides and other others in the Anna Komnene and her Times collection for some sharp rebuttals. Memoirs of Celebrated Women. Philadelphia : E.



Vuzil Anna wrote at the beginning of the Alexiad about her education, highlighting her experience with literatureGreek languagerhetoric, and sciences. John Doukas brother of Alediada X Doukas 6. In the seclusion of the monastery, Anna dedicated her time to studying philosophy and history. Views Read Edit View history. Anna wrote the Alexiad in the mids or s.


Cristal, la sorcière



Ana Comnena


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