These are the minimum software versions that support the card. Fasten the grounding strap to your wrist so that it contacts your bare skin. This does not affect the use or operation of the circuit board. The VPN Accelerator begins to function immediately after installation without the need of special installation configurations. To ensure that all power is OFF, locate the circuit breaker on the panel board that services the DC circuit, switch the circuit breaker to the OFF position, and tape the switch handle of the circuit breaker in the OFF position. A amp circuit breaker is required at the 48 VDC facility power source.

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Page 5: Configure The Pix e Reference. Page 8 c. Select the Translation Rules tab. Click the Manage Pools button and a new window appears, allowing you to add or edit global address pools. For most configurations, global pools are added to the less secure, or public, interfaces. Page 9 b. Click the Range radio button to enter the IP address range. Enter a unique Pool ID in this case, enter Page 10 When the new window comes up: a.

Select outside from the Interface drop-down menu. Assign the same Pool ID for this pool as in Step d above This translation prevents the private address spaces from being exposed on public networks and permits routing through the public networks. Page 12 b. Right click in the gray area below the Manage Pools button and select Add.

In the new window, select the inside interface. Enter the IP address of the client Select You can select the inside host by clicking on the Browse button. Page 13 Enter the entire network range Page 14 j. Click the OK button. Check the displayed configuration for accuracy. Click the Apply Repeat the steps to configure interface PAT between the inside and outside interfaces.

The procedure remains the same, except the interface on which the translation is required is now the outside interface and the Dynamic address pool should now indicate the interface PAT keywords.

Page 16 The configurations should display as shown below Under Action, select permit from the drop-down menu to allow traffic through the firewall. Page 19 d. Select dmz from the Interface drop-down menu. Enter


Cisco Security Appliance Command Line Configuration Guide, Version 7.2



Cisco PIX-515E Quick Start Manual


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