To prepare or even stop these coming events, he wrote down what he saw in quatrains. For centuries people have tried their best to translate and solve the puzzles Nostradamus has left for us. Dolores Cannon does past life regression and one day she met a woman at In the s Nostradamus foresaw the future of our world and all the terrible things that await us if we do nothing. Dolores Cannon does past life regression and one day she met a woman at metaphysical type meeting she was at. Elena later found out what Dolores does and decided she would like to try a regression.

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Perhaps the many amateur and professional Internet contributors and bloggers warning of wicked plans by a fearful elite have succeeded by pulling at veils and worrying the unworthy faces behind them even to the point of them abandoning some of their wretched schemes.

Undoubtedly the financial-political and social engineering scams that ruin social cohesiveness in the Western Hemisphere could lead to lynch-mobs if the vox pop were sure to attach firmed-up identities to these multiple illegal and immoral coercions. But these public enemies employ experienced experts in psycho-warfare as well as proxy armies whose religiosity has been warped into a faith in brutality.

To the political personality there are four major columns supporting their social condition given that money, sex and power drives are integral. These are: political, financial, cerebral, ritualistic. He or she needs no other and may overlook four other realities of greater importance that only sometimes may need louder lip service: compassion, charitability, succour, spirituality.

They should have some of each, by degrees, to be human. Hitler, who had been a fearless despatch rider along the fronts in WWI, enjoyed eating picnic snacks whilst watching the smoke and blaze of distant battles in WWII. He has studied history and imitates some features of the slope-haired and ranting Adolf, judiciously avoiding certain mistakes of that addled Aryan. This was his base target area and his story is linked with Syria and with Libya.

Line 3. Line 4. He also links it persuasively to a mad Seventeenth Century ruler of the Ottomans, Sultan Ibrahim, who had his hundreds of over-plump wives cast into a pool simultaneously. The first Sultan Ibrahim is therefore named in the First Couplet. Sorry, nanomius. Likewise he will foment rebellions within countries an allegation currently lodged at billionaire political funder George Soros whilst seeming to support covertly any of the antagonists as the US has done for decades causing whole areas to implode-explode.

So when the European countries try to interfere, the same crazed leader that dropped an atomic weapon before, will use up the rest of his arsenal on Europe…This leader is not the Anti-Christ.

What purpose this leader serves, since this leader is crazed…is that he weakens the major nations so that the third Anti-Christ will be able to rise to power with little or no opposition. New and shocking weaponry is introduced which would imply the involvement of major powers like the US who have developed such offensive weapons today but keep them strictly away from public knowledge including the existing but little known earthquake-tremor mechanism as developed, they say, by the Soviets.

At some point a natural-type disaster will break over the Vatican in Rome marking the end game for the Church which will suffer a direct political appointee as their most improper Papa. Translation: From Monaco nearly to Sicily The entire coast will remain desolated: There will be no city nor outskirt nor rural complex there, That is not looted and abandoned because of the Barbarians.

The world-wide followers of the Catholic Church, especially its priesthood, will cling to the old ways and the old order even though its spirit is dead and gone with the wind. The Antichrist and the ultimate Pope will lick the bones dry between them. Mother Church has become superflous. He will take over China by other, more conventional, means. Other parts of Asia will be ruled over by his agents totally unsuspected of being such, even by the Western governments and he will wait for the right circumstances to take over the whole world.

He is seen in a semi-religious light by his followers and seems to reject the use of nuclear weapons but he is merely biding his time to fulfill some unspeakable personal nuclear ambition. While shapes of continents will not be changed other natural features will, and on a major scale, and the machinery for this will fall into the hands of the Antichrist who does not spare the land which had originally conceived it.

They speak spookily of some invention that push-pulls at protecting fields unexpectedly rendering planet Earth a magnet to meteors. More Madness. Weather Weapons will cause widespread birth defects. He will be brought down by a poor — on paper only — opponent who is acting in harmony with the Universe that this Antichrist is dishonouring. If a man should find that he could walk through solid walls he would soon suspect himself a wandering ghost.

It seems to me that like all encroaching tyrants this Cannonic-Nostradamian Antichrist, who cares not about releasing oceans of blood, has gone beyond all natural dreams and aspirations and is sub-consciously searching out one who may finally halt and destroy him. His commanders and line management will eventually become as despicable as he is, undermining all support. The actual historic sequence under spooky discussion between Mrs.

Cannon, her client go-betweens and the dead Nostradamus is difficult to gauge. Line 1. Roughly-speaking, Leo is the Sun sign for July 23rd to the 22nd August. Jupiter will have spent a year in the fixed fire sign Leo from July 16th, until August 11th, The centre two of the four Blood Moons will have fallen within Jupiter in Leo.

Jupiter transited Leo previously from August to August Astro-logic may say that whatever started then is returning now for further development. Individually Jupiter expands us and Leo envokes our belief in ourself which is basically a pleasing experience.

Is this the period when the Anti-Christ will be taking power? This is when he is able to start his political career, so to speak. It seems that for a while the reign of the Antichrist will be free of conflict perhaps because of unified and militarized police. But people will begin to rebel. There will be much death and trauma. Rivers of blood.

Many will die for their cause. The dead Nostradamus describes wild kinds of nuclear weapons and plague-causers. Since the initial influence of Kissinger and then Zbigniew the old philosophies of war have given way to militarily-applied business methods and Machiavellianisms applied to killing games.

Translation: Near the gates and within the two cities Will be two scourges, unparalleled, never seen another, Famine within plague, peoples laid out by weaponry, Crying to the Great Everlasting God for help.

Translation: Between Campania, Siena, Florence, Tuscany, It will rain not a drop for six months nine days: In the Dalmatian land the strange tongue Will run: devastating the entire land. They also say the Antichrist will take over Italy and Greece by destroying the cultural centers so as to destroy the morales of these subjugated citizens. A collapse of wills. MAGGIO In addition to the destruction of European centers of culture the Antichrist will ransack the Vatican library with the future intent of destroying it completely.

This will be to undermine the authority of the Vatican further and sever its more learned connections. Along the way, they say, he will do himself a karmic favour. Even using violent means, they state, the Antichrist will burn off some of his bad karma.

I would not pretend to understand that spritual mechanism at this point in my existence; it sounds impossibly over-simple, like arithmetic and yet a long way from the square root of minus one, though who knows? By revealing the material of greatest controversy that is presently buried in the vast Vatican Library so as to show how much truth the Catholic Church as a self-serving organization has suppressed and so cause schism and dissent, thesis and antithesis, among the studied clergy who remain he will illuminate the whole world.

This other suggestion is a better one: I 62 La grande perte laslque feront les lettres Auant le cicle de laton a parfaict, Feu, grand deluge, plus par ignares sceptres Que de long siecle ne se verra refaict.

It might have intended to suggest bound and sealed documents. Line 2. Turning this way and that the mad snake of enormous resource advances towards intercontinental domination. It supports the Silk Road. Or this is Constantinople, the city that bridges two continents. On unravelling this quatrain we may find a warpath that is undoubtedly from earlier in world history.

Que sept ne tiennent par rang la Hierarchie. Translation: Libra will govern the West, From the sky and on land to hold this Monarchy, In Asia one will not see perishing forces.

Only seven rank high in that Hierarchy. Presuming the punctuation here to be meaningless Medieval print-foolery: In the West much is being weighed in the scales both in the sky and on land. But no mention of the seas. In the East a contrasting stability with power in the hands of a very small Hierachy. The capitalization suggests that this is, in some sense, one united group —something unkown as yet; ancient dominations in Asia by Indians or Chinese or, more recently, Europeans have all been spasmodic and patchy.

Presuming this to have the punctuation intended by Nostredame: The contrast West-East is contained in the first three lines and Line Four suggests some Heirarchy or another — maybe West maybe East maybe Global — of seven people.

Everything in history is the product of small groups dominating large groups which the majority undoubtedly intend for who in their right mind would want to be pushed to the front to be leader of a Hydra-headed mob charging headlong into numerous unknowable destinies from which can get extruded the collective fate of all? The age-old truth that the slaves make the master and not the other way around is easily proven by the fact that the majority wildly outnumber all the police and armed guards let alone the precious few preening themselves at the centre of power.

We saw in Egypt the police firing upon a large unarmed crowd then throwing down their guns and stripping off their uniforms when that crowd advanced undaunted. Unfortunately your money has been spent behind your back for security reasons on unbelievably offensive new weapons intended to degrade and defeat populations en masse. A fantastical quatrain about fire from the sky. Deucalion was the large-chested Greek mythological flood-hero equivalent to Noah. This barbarous behaviour will leave other leaders shocked and witless allowing him to make more outrageous gains by unprecedented tactics, as they say, although it could be argued in the case of the Islamic State that eradication of other cultures is no more than radical Islam demands.

Watch out, World! About the big prize, Iran, the Antichrist will take over by simple trickery. During his takeover the people will be fooled by the assassination of this stooge, a hunting decoy, and the Antichrist will come straight in to fill the power vacuum. Palace birds by a bird chased out, The prince arrives quickly after How many the stream of enemies repelled?

The outsider carried by a bird knows possession. What do they say about International reactions and non-reactions to the Antichrist?

In the beginning, when he does not have a broad base of power but is building on it, those in power elsewhere who can do something about it will hesitate until it is too late.

He will advance his campaign by invading and conquering neighboring countries, particularly because of the political turmoil and instability of the realm. Eventually he will subdue the entire Asian continent under his rule. Americans had little will for a European war and held back until the Pearl Harbour rearrangement of Polities will argue over whether or not to intervene, granting a stay of execution while the A-C remains free at large to terrorize, pillage and extort.

He will use submarines to subvert cargo shipping. The NASA chief scientist has also boasted that his ancestor was first to explode gunpowder underwater so inventing the torpedo.

What blood!



Dolores Cannon was born on April 15, in Saint Louis. From she was married to Johnny Cannon, a Naval officer. They were stationed at Sangley point N. Hypnosis Edit Her husband took a class in hypnosis, but never got a chance to practice because he deployed for the Vietnam War. After his return in , they were stationed at Chase Field N.


Dolores Cannon



Conversations With Nostradamus: His Prophecies Explaned, Vol. 1


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