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I wont go too much into the book itself, however I just wanted to point out one this with this book. Gunray panics and tells Sidious that Monchar is sick. Narration for the audio version was performed by Michael Cumpsty.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. As a prequel to Cloak of Deceptionit features in addition to Darth Maul many of the same characters and locations as the novel, including the planets Dorvalla and Eriadu, local governor Tarkin and various members of the Trade Federation, etc.

This Star Wars -related article datrh a stub. He makes great effort not to leave lightsaber marks on any of his victims. At least if they are making an e-book, it is something worth checking out. Pavan is thawed out and this time, he starts hunting Maul. This page was last edited on 22 Marchat Sabofeur short read but still very good! Two rival mining companies on the planet Dorvalla, InterGalactic Ore and Lommite Limited, are locked in a mutually-destructive struggle for control rife with sabotage and intrigue, but neither is quite devious enough to finish the other off.

You know that if the Sith remained hidden for hundreds of years, then they must be masters of stealth. Well worth the easy, fast read, because it gives some background on some of the machinations aaboteur in place by Palpatine Darth Sidious in his slow, patient plan to throw the galaxy in turmoil.

I read Shadow Hunter first, and I gave this story a lower rating as its lack of action and abundance of talking heads bogged me down. As it was, I just suddenly began realizing some of the connections partway through when Tarkin makes a brief appearance, and I remembered that Luceno saboyeur that other novel as well. I loved how we see Darth Maul work from the sidelines rather than brute force.

Books by Dsrth Luceno. K It was good; for being as short as it was. Saboteur by James Luceno is published as a page insert sbaoteur the paperback version of Shadow Hunter. I was, indeed, disappoint. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. James Luceno whets the appetite of the reader, leaving them wanting more, which I believe is effective story telling. Maul executes Monchar for this treachery against Sidious by decapitating him with his lightsaberand sets off to find Pavan and I-Five.

Hundreds of years of Sith planning, staying hidden while they pull on this string and that string, gradually A quick, page short story about Darth Maul sent out to sabotage two mining companies on a distant planet.

The only complaint is that it is too short, but sets up the next book, Darth Maul Shadow Hunter. Neither rival suspects that they are central to a sinister plot masterminded by Darth Sidious, Lord of the Sith, himself. Darth Maul 1 by James Luceno. Commissioned by his Master, Darth Sidious, Darth Maul is sent to intervene as a saboteur on the mining planet Dorvalla and see to it that the competing mining companies, Lommite Limited and InterGal, merge to one and leave the shipping of the ore to the Trade Federation.

Some time before the events of Episode I, Darth Sidious begins his political maneuvering and setting up pawns for the eventual blockade of Naboo. Hundreds of years of Sith planning, staying hidden while they pull on this string and that string, gradually setting the Republic up for a fall.

There are no polls currently operating in this sector. I cannot wait to read more about him. Related Posts

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