A compact, cost-effective entrance solution with low power consumption and high reliability. Tripod Turnstiles Tripod turnstiles are used to effectively manage large people flows through retail, government, finance, banking, leisure, entertainment and educational facilities. This cost-effective solution offers smooth and silent operation in a compact form. Gunnebo tripod turnstiles run with a low energy consumption and have high reliability and a robust build. Internal Turnstiles For internal entrance security, our internal turnstiles have a positive locking action to ensure one passage at a time. Reverse rotation is protected against by an anti-backup device and LED indicators clearly show the direction of passage.

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Retail Gates Retail Gates Shop turnstiles and motorised swing gates offering a cost-effective solution to guide and control the flow of shoppers at retail outlets.

Tripod Turnstiles Tripod Turnstiles Our tripod turnstiles are compact and cost-effective with low power consumption and high reliability. Suitable for providing secure access control wherever there is a large and constant flow of people, for both internal and external use. Entrance Gates Entrance Gates Entrance gates and glass turnstiles designed to combine smooth operation with uncompromised security, ideal for buildings where style and design are important.

Full Height Turnstiles Full Height Turnstiles Full height security turnstiles for robust access control, well suited to exterior and interior use at football stadiums, sport facilities and high risk sites.

Airport Security Gates Airport Security Gates Provide airport passengers with a self-controlled journey, allowing freedom of movement without compromising security and automated gates to streamline every stage of the process.

Metro Ticket Gates Metro Ticket Gates Ticket gates and metro turnstiles providing automatic fare collection for public transport systems that combine high passenger throughput and safety with reliability, robustness and effective prevention of fare evasion. Revolving Doors Revolving Doors Provide fast and stylish access control ideal for offices, hotels or other commercial buildings, where a steady flow of people needs to be managed with elegance and efficiency.

Security Booths Security Booths Our security booths and portals are compact in design yet provide the highest level of security required on sites where only authorised persons are allowed such as government buildings, banks and data centres. Highest security standards have to be followed, cost-driven efficiency must be achieved and the best passenger experience provided in this very competitive environment.

Metro and Public Transport Metro and Public Transport Automatic fare collection gates for the public transport sector that combine high passenger throughput and safety with reliability, robustness and effective prevention of fare evasion. Stadiums and Sports Facilities Stadiums and Sports Facilities Modern sports facilities have become multi-functional complexes integrating commercial, retail, dining and entertainment spaces where comfort, safety and security are helped by on-going advancements in technology.


Tripod Turnstiles



Metro Tripod Turnstiles


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