Welcome to my web site. I write computer books that start at the beginning without treating you like an idiot. My books use step-by-step instructions and clear, beautiful examples—often with lots of pictures of Barcelona—to clearly illustrate how to achieve concrete results, whether it be publishing an ebook, creating a Web page, formatting that page with CSS, or tweaking the CSS for your Blogger blog. My computer books are published by Peachpit Press , the leading publisher of web and design books, based in Berkeley, California. As Cookwood Press, I also publish books, in digital and print editions, about Catalonia, my adopted second home. My first project is a collection of essays and live video presentations by Matthew Tree , a Catalan-speaking English-born writer, based in Barcelona.

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Use these examples to help you understand the difference between raw X HTML code and what appears within your browser. Scroll down to the appropriate chapter or use the left navigational bar as a shortcut. Click an example to view it. For more information about viewing the source code, see page 67 in the book. If you have room, leave both this window and the examples window open on your screen. Not all sections have examples. If the section does not appear, that means there is no example for that section.

Some sections have more links than you might expect. For example, check out the Appendices, down at the bottom of the list at left. You can also download the example files all at once for either Macintosh or Windows. If you need help unzipping either file, check out StuffIt again, for both Macs and Windows , or your favorite decompression program.

All rights reserved. Hope you find them helpful! If you have any questions or comments about the examples, please send them to me. Note that you can still find the examples from both the Fifth Edition and the Fourth Edition online. Copyright by Elizabeth Castro. All Rights Reserved 1: Web Page Building Blocks All of the examples in this chapter unless otherwise noted can be found in the blocks folder.

Markup: Elements, Attributes, and Values p.


HTML, XHTML, and CSS, Sixth Edition: Visual QuickStart Guide, 6th Edition

Beginners are comfortable with my direct and friendly style and my step-by-step instructions. Explanations are short, sweet, and to the point, and amply illustrated in current standard browsers. Experts love how easy it is to quickly find the information they need. Each topic is demonstrated with a real-life example available in the book as well as on this Web site , and is a cinch to find thanks to the excellent index.



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