The worm is of high quality case-hardening steel, accurately generated, ground and super-finished. The worm wheel comprises a phosphor bronze centrifugally cast rim of substantial section welded to a rigid centre, which is pressed and keyed to the shaft. Shafts are located on dual purpose bearings of ample capacity and having a substantial margin on output shafts for accommodating overhung loads. Lubrication is positive at all speeds, in either direction of rotation and apart from an occasional oil check, no attention is necessary in service.

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Essentially, operation on a V grid requires a star connection, whereas a delta connection should be used for the lower voltage V. The nameplate that every gearmotor must have has to list the permitted voltage range for the rated data required. The objective of the modular system is to be able to combine as few components as possible into the greatest possible range of end products. Standard gearmotors: Standard gearmotors Standard gearmotors feature an impressive variety of types, the ideal graduation over a multitude of sizes, and the widest range of designs.

That makes them an essential heavy-duty drive that is especially suited for production and logistics. Depending on the level of gear unit graduation, they can achieve high torques of up to 50, Nm. Servo gearmotors: Power, speed, and precision These are the key features of servo gearmotors.

Here too, our modular system is the key to unlocking extensive combination options and makes the most diverse variety of gear unit and motor constellations in this field possible. The ideal gearmotor can be created for every requirement. Whether you combine our PF.. AC motors: Every time, the special interplay between motor and gear unit gives you the exact drive response tailored to your application and requirements. You can also create versatile combinations with the gear units from our standard range and our servomotors to configure and optimize the individual drives in your plant.

Variable speed gearmotors: For applications in which the drive speed has to be seamlessly adjusted, our mechanical variable speed gearmotors come into play. These are the type of requirements for simple conveyor belts or agitators, for instance, with speed levels that constantly have to be adapted to different process sequences.

The speed can be seamlessly adjusted either using a handwheel or remote control. Stainless steel gearmotors: For applications in cleaning-intensive hygiene areas, the gearmotor has to endure the chemicals used and moisture. Our acid and alkaline-resistant stainless steel gearmotors are designed for exactly this purpose. Their surface, which is optimized for cleaning, and their fanless design also ensures that no dirt can become lodged in any recesses.

And you do not lose anything in terms of power. Whether you choose the RES.. Explosion-proof gearmotors: The majority of our standard gearmotors and servo gearmotors are available as explosion-proof gearmotors that comply with local regulations throughout the world.

They are therefore powerful and safe drives that provide the high performance required even in potentially explosive atmospheres with air and gas or air and dust mixtures.

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Worm Gearboxes


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