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His decision proved fortunate, both for him and for science. In familiarizing himself with medicinal plants, he took an interest in other natural phenomena, including mammals, birds, mollusks, insects and - his apparent favorite - snakes. His success as an apothecary afforded him the opportunity to pursue his real passion: collecting.

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Благодаря ветвям кабеля для электрокардиографа снимаются показания с конечностей и грудного отдела пациента на блок ЭКГ для дальнейшей расшифровки. Устройство Кабеля ЭКГ: центральный жгут с наконечником; через наконечник папа кабель экг соединяется с телом кардиографа, Разъём ЭКГ мама ; узел стыковки ветвей кабеля отведения ЭКГ и центрального кабеля ЭКГ; ветви кабеля ЭКГ - количество зависит от канальности кардиографа; наконечники ветвей - токосъёмники, к которым подключаются электроды.

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The wax-free nature of the synthetic base fluid and its high viscosity index also provide superior low temperature lubrication as well as excellent film protection at high temperatures. They provide excellent grease life at high temperatures and offer extended relubrication periods and energy savings potential.

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Dulabar The TT and Falcon can both run software designed for the systems, but have major compatibility problems running ST software. If we decrease the value to 0.

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Except for some water damage which cause the photo chapter pages to be a little wrinkled this hard to find book is in very good condition. The following unaltered and unshortened information on the history of the SS-Ahnenerbe is copyrighted material, published here with permission of the authors Gil Trevizo and Dirk R. There is some evidence that the Ahnenerbe existed as early as , when Wirth established the "Hermann Wirth Society" for teaching and spreading his theories.