Three microprocessor control system These microprocessors simultaneously monitor and control the rectifier, inverter and static switch units. NiCd Block battery range Proven backup performance and reliability for industrial applications Meeting industry s power backup challenges Make Saft your long term protecr Saft has been a trusted battery. This specification describes the operation and functionality. Global use due to a wide-range input. Extract from the online catalog.

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R is designed to be installed in a protected environment. When installing the unit, pay attention to such factors as sufficient ventilation and suitable ambient conditions. R with VA 4. Mains input circuit breaker 3. Page Display 4. ON-Pushbutton 2. This is particularly important in conjunction with external battery units special accessories. R with 1 battery expansion Fig. R to the mains To guarantee an accurate function of your UPS and all additional devices, the mains have to be provides with the corresponding protection.

Page 30 provided mains connection cable to a customary shockproof socket. Make sure that the dimension of the circuit breaker is sufficient. Page Operating Statuses Operating Statuses 5.

Normally, the UPS operates continuously. In this case power is supplied to the inverter from the charged battery without interruption. Page Bypass Operation 5. Page Unit Overload 5. If a unit overload occurs nevertheless the fault LED is turned on accompanied with a signal tone twice per second. The connected loads continue to be supplied for a certain time depending on the level of the overload.

To connect to the UPS to your computer use the provided RS communication cable by attaching them to a free serial port of your pc. In conjunction with the "intelligent" UPS, this ensures that the availability of IT components and data security is guaranteed. R generates detailed error messages. Support personal can localise and interpret faults quickly and precisely. No Mains and battery voltage Check building wiring Chapter 3. If the problem still persists, consult your dealer. R consists of advanced and resistant components.

To guarantee a continuous and high availability it is recommended to check the unit especially the batteries and the fans in regular intervals at least every 6 months. R must be disconnected from the power supply prior to carrying out the following work. If large quantities of dust have accumulated, the unit should, as a precaution, be cleaned with dry compressed air, in order to ensure adequate heat dissipation.

Page Storage, Dismantling And Disposal Batteries that are stored at room temperature should be recharged every six months to maintain their full capacity and service life. R to the mains before putting it into storage, in order to make sure that the battery is fully charged. The charging time should at least match the time specified in chapter 7.

Page Glossary Glossary Technical terms Appliance protection Surge technology term The conventional mains surge protection consists of an mains earthwire class B , an overvoltage protection class C and an appliance protection class D — see also e. Page 46 Guarantee certificate Type: ……. Date of purchase: …………… This manual is also suitable for:.


AEG Protect 5.31 Series Operating Instructions Manual

Mozshura Thyristor-controlled power supplies and battery chargers Input voltage: Where reliability meets flexibility. It is custom-designed for use in harsh industrial environments. Ni-Cd Block battery range. See also our Protect 3 and Protect 4 ranges. It is intended for the use More information. It protects DC switch gear and contact line systems More information.


Aeg Protect 5.31 Manuals


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