A weak and ineffectual man, Walter is living with Marjorie Carling, a married woman whose husband refuses to grant her a divorce. He is famous for his work and for his scandalous love life. However, his recent paintings show a creative decline, which he himself recognises but refuses to admit. He has an illness which is eventually diagnosed as terminal cancer. They return from India to England.

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The opposites need each other. The industrialists who purvey standardized ready-made amusements to the masses are doing their best to make you as much of a mechanical imbecile in your leisure as in your hours of work. But dont let them. Make the effort of being human. I wanted to change the world. But I have found that the only thing one can be sure of changing is oneself.

The man was a very fine writer indeed. This is one of his longer works, I think it might even be the longest novel he has wrote. Point Counter Point is a novel featuring a colourful cast of characters. I read somewhere that Huxley based his characters on real people he knew, and if that is true, that explains why they feel so real. Long story short- a great cast of characters. The stories are often interwoven. There is no central plot here, but there is a lot of philosophical writing.

This book is intelligently written and every debate is worth reading about. Some debates seem to continue through different stories. I immensely enjoyed following them for I do love a good debate. There is no traditional plot and no grand finish. The books merits lie mainly with intelligent writing and an excellent psychological analysis characters- and that is fine by me.

I borrowed this novel twice from the library. Reading it again, I realized that I had finished it. Possibly Island, yes it might be that one. I think I started to read Island at some point, stopped and then it took me a while to pick it up and finish it.

So, I ended up reading Point Counter Point twice, which is no tragedy as it is a wonderful novel. Nothing much to add this time around, I do still think it is an excellent novel.


Point Counter Point




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