Beschreibung bei Amazon The American writer Kimberly Van Meter is known under a variety of different pseudonyms, one of them being Alexx Andria, as she has been writing for quite some time now to worldwide acclaim. Appreciated for her fun and witty take on the erotica and romance genres, she has been able to create a style that is all of her very own. Writing in an intimate style, she is able to bring her readers in, treating them as close confidantes of sorts, making them feel as if she is writing for them and them alone, something which is clearly reflected within her sales. Writing for as long as she can remember, she has always held a strong passion for the written word, creating characters and narratives that are juxtaposed against one another expertly. Clearly a master of her craft, she is also able to turn up the heat, creating erotic stories that really manage to tantalize the reader, as she really knows what it is that her audiences are looking for. Early and Personal Life Born in California in Mariposa County, the future author to be Kimberly Van Meter was always a budding novelist for as long as she could remember, constantly with her head in a book.

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An erotic paranormal romance short story between a wolf shifter and the curvaceous woman destined to be his mate. She has no idea that the impossibly tall, dark-haired stranger watching her at the bar of her favorite club has actually been watching her for weeks.

A contemporary paranormal love story of approximately 6, words. It is intended for mature readers only. But somehow I knew before even turning that it was him standing there, blocking my exit and watching me with open hunger.

I turned and my heart jumped into my throat. I almost forgot that he was likely a weirdo or psychotic killer but I remembered quickly when he began walking toward me. And why would I want to do that? Are you crazy? Had he said I was locked in a dimly light club bathroom with a crazy person. I looked furtively for something I could use as a weapon but aside from throwing soggy paper towel wads his way, I was screwed.

This was how it ended, I thought grimly. Savaged by a nutball in a dirty bathroom. Tears pricked my eyes. At my whispered plea, he simply smiled darkly and pulled me roughly to him. He smelled of masculinity and raw power; sex and leather. The heady combination was enough to dampen my fear and sharpen my sudden arousal. He pressed me against the bathroom wall that was covered in profane graffiti and I gasped at the shock of his tongue searching for mine. I clung to him as he ground his hardened length against me through the rough denim of my jeans.

I wiggled against the delicious pressure, quickly losing all sense of why this was a bad idea, and simply gave in to the intoxicating feel of being ravaged. Yes, ravaged was a good word for what he was doing to me. There was nothing soft or sweet about the way his hands were roaming my body as if memorizing every curve, every valley.

He filled his hands with my breasts and when the fabric of my blouse impeded his questing touch, he growled and simply ripped it from my body. About the Author Alexx Andria writes hot, sultry erotica that ranges from the mild to the wild and everything in between.


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