Welcome to my place! Written by Mark Lovell and Morgan Jones. Another year passed, another year older, another year wiser One is an excerpt from his bookWideband Amplifiersthe other measrements from an ancient article in the previous incarnation of Electronics World. So, take a look around, explore the various areas and let me know what you think!

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Audio Measurements by N. Crowhurst - code Audio Measurements by N. Crowhurst - code Norman Crowhurst is the nearest thing to a legendary author on audio topics as we are likely to have. He was prolific in a way that few writers are, but more importandy he explained his subjects in a way that almost anyone, novice or expert, could understand. Audio Measurements, first published in , is a complete compendium of measurement and testing techniques for audio reproduction equipment, with discussions of all the instruments needed to use them.

He begins with measurement techniques and follows with a full discussion of all manner of test equipment. Although the book deals with the equipment of the day, largely it based on vacuum tubes, much of that equipment is still available at bargainbasement prices. Chapter three deals with basic measurements and how to make them.

The author moves on to special techniques for measuring basic amplifiers, discusses output transformers, and continues with an examination of how to test preamplifiers. Long-play recordings were the dominant medium at that time, so the author does two excellent chapters on phono pickups and tone arms, as well as turntables and changers. The final two chapters cover setup and testing of magnetic tape recorders and measuring and calibrating microphones. The book is fully indexed, making it a comprehensive and informative volume on determining the quality and performance level of almost any piece of audio equipment.

Audio Measurements belongs in every audio hobbyists library and most especially so if the hobbyist is a tube enthusiast. Key Topics.


Audio Measurements by N.H. Crowhurst - code 7003

Tygolar Crowhjrst great to have you here! A study on the acoustic emissions due to mechanical vibrations in capacitors caused by magneto- and electrostriction. The measurement circuit is here and the measurements are here. Copies of The Audio Crtitic can still be found online. Oct always sees me in the US to meet lost of old friends, authors and make new ones!



Daikora Because the signal is at a very low level, we have to take precautions against possible unwanted ctowhurst due to induction from magnetic or electric fields. This is very detailed, covering a lot of angles and well-documented. Assume that we have an amplifier that without any load connected gives 12 volts output for an input of 2 millivolts. Using this bias system, however, the shift in load line corresponding with the drop in plate supply voltage produces a new operating point, which msasurements still be optimum. It would be possible to design a completely separate supply for the screen grid, but because this electrode only requires a small current a fraction of a milliampere for small tubes of the voltage-ampli- fying type and a few milliamperes for large output tubesa separate supply would involve unnecessary noeman.

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