Start your review of Baby Bombshell Write a review Nov 22, Carmen rated it did not like it Recommends it for: No One Shelves: american-author , fiction , harlequin-american-romance , romance , she-says , traditionally-published , published All day, she had been bracing herself for the coming storm. Time after time, she had warned herself of the worst possibilities: his horror, revulsion, panic, anger. At the same time, some irrepressible part of her wished for the opposite, that Evan would feel happy, loving and proud like a father-to-be was supposed to feel. But she had to bury that fantasy deep. False hope did her no good. They met when she was 7 and he was

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A night on the town leads to a few kisses, which leads to…a nine-month countdown! Practical Anna suggests marriage, but the gorgeous bachelor turns her down flat. Evan always felt like an adopted member of the boisterous Berzani clan.

How can he marry her, though…when he knows marriage is nothing but heartache? Dear Ms. Is there a way to write a pregnancy book without having the heroine come up with all sorts of excuses to account for morning sickness? At least Anna never has any intention of not telling Evan about his impending fatherhood nor was she going to make demands on him. But boy, he sure failed to step up to the plate and not just once but several times. I also like that she stands up to family pressure to name the father of her baby and finally gets her family to see things from her point of view.

He and Anna and the baby could have ended up miserably had he caved in to pressure. Again, I love the interactions between Ian, Patrick and Evan. But then I began to wonder if his change of heart would be too sudden just because you were running out of page space. The forgiveness they give him at the end shows what kind of family they are — one that is there for each other for better or for worse and since they had taken Evan in as one of their own years ago, it finally shows up in him.


REVIEW: Baby Bombshell by Lisa Ruff

Anna Berzani moved halfway across the country to get away from her overprotective family. The hard edge of the table bit into her palms, bringing some measure of sanity. His gaze flickered down to her mouth for a second, then lifted back to her eyes. Evan walked over to her desk and picked up a paperweight. She knew better than to show any weakness.


Baby Bombshell

When not exploring the city with her husband and friends, she is working on her next novel. Read an Excerpt Anna Berzani bent over the drafting table, spreading a layer of vellum over the site plan. Her laptop sat open next to her, flashing the photos she had taken while visiting the site. Sketching quickly, she outlined her idea for the new building, translating the vision in her head from three dimensions to two.

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