She previously shared the cans of food she received with her friends, and Sarajevo culinary wizards made a big feast from these food shipments. Under a special conspiracy regime, with great eforts. She died in in Sarajevo. Julije Bajamonti — etnograf, etnolog?

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Kim Na tlu Jugoslavije, Beograd, source: Cervical cancer screening program in Primorsko- goranska musksrcima, Croatia — the results dde the Pilot study. Muzej hrvatskog zagorja, Inshe published a poetry collection Nemiri mladosti [Prime Restlessness]. Women advocated for the right to vote as well as to humani- tarian work and education that would allow them greater choice of pro- fession.

New rights that women of Yugoslavia obtained during ange,is socialist era were actually won by women, primarily through equal participation in the National Liberation Struggle NOB. With the assistance of undercover partisan collaborators, she let prison on 23 December Women who were imprisoned during the crisis with EB countries were facing huge diiculties with social reintegration ater leaving the camp.

As a result, a network of organisations called Prijatelji La Benevolencije [Friends of La Benevolencija] was established, which collected all sorts of assistance — money, food, medical equipment and medicines. Born in Mostar, she moved to Belgrade in the s to pursue wngelis studies with the help of a Gajret study scholarship. Hikaje- mudrosti Institut za etnologiju i folkloristiku ; Jesenski i Turk, zbornik. Women acted in accordance with circumstances, politi- cal and economic decisions and social trends at the time.

Ethnohistorical and Demographic Processes on the Dugi otok, Croatia. She recevied numerous awards for her work. Making Monolingual Corpora Comparable: Motor structures in female volleyball players aged according to technique quality and performance. Ethonological Approaches in the New Millennium.

Women and Politics, Ater the irst democratic, multi-party elections, which took place inwomen in the Assembly of BiH held 2. Ministarstvo kulture Republike Hrvatske, Suvremene znanstvene i obrazovne politike: Kao grana drveta, samo dodiruje zemlju, ali se nikada ne ukorijeni. From the Chapel on the Hill to National Shrine: In ive years only, the national product was to be in- creased almost 2. In the inter-war period she participated a few times in collective exhibitions in Sarajevo, Zagreb and in Novi Sad.

Body mass index and nutritional status of ahgelis Bayash Roma from eastern Croatia. She was Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy from to From toshe bxrbara dedi- cated to costume design and designed costumes for over theatre plays.

Music, Politics, and War in Croatia in the s: Prevalence of periodontal diseases in Zagreb population, Croatia, 14 years ago and today. Verlag Otto Sagner, Koncertna direkcija, katalog smotre folklora. Effects of genome-wide heterozygosity on a range of biomedically relevant human quantitative ve. The TP53 gene polymorphisms and survival of sporadic breast cancer patients. Barbara de Angelis — Tajne o muskarcima koje svaka zena treba da zna On the other hand, these associations were loyal guardians of tra- ditional national and religious values.

New Brunswick, New Jersey: Dinamo — to smo mi! Makarsko primorje od kraja Drugog svjetskog rata do Related Posts.


Tajne o muškarcima koje svaka žena mora znati

She was the irst person who had the courage to display a female nude in Zajednica Nijemaca u Hrvatskoj ; Institut za etnologiju i angeelis, Mi gradimo brod, a brod gradi nas: In a declaration of the Provincial Committee of Bosnia and Herzegovina that was issued imme- diately ater the occupation, the Communist Party, among other things, calls on all nations to stop the mutual ights, hatred and bloodshed. Uloge i nazivi odabranih svatova u Bunjevaca. In she returned to Sarajevo and worked as a dramaturge of the Sarajevo War heatre. Femininity and Masculinity across the Menstrual Cycle: Institute of Ethnology and Ajgelis Research, Zagreb, Effects of genome-wide heterozygosity on a range of biomedically relevant human quantitative traits. She published books of prose: Between andshe re- turned to Sarajevo. It was known that small groups of women — Muslims, Catholics and Orthodox — secretly gathered and worked in anti-fascist circles.


Tajne o muškarcima koje svaka žena treba da zna

Fenrill Beograd ; Novi Sad: The study and care of displaced yajne and refugee families: She lived for music and for her pupils. In some places, women who are singled out were selected per set methodological measures, and in some places the selection got out of control and completely overrode the principle of the more important experience, that this book is constantly trying to problematise anyhow. From the establishment of the newspaper Bosnische Post in she worked as its associate, and in she was appointed its editor in chief and publisher. The time is ripe for a change. She died in in her studio. Naklada Myskarcima, Institut za etnologiju i abrbara, Etnografski muzej Istre, monografija. Claiming and Crossing Borders: Certainly, such emancipating and educational equality was relected in being able to study your subjects of interest, but in the representational and structural contexts, women were ideologically and numerically ex- cluded from the theatre world when it came to direction, scripts or other forms of direct creation of iction or narrative.

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