Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application specific firmware, the products can be used for Broadcast, Internet Radio, as well as VoIP applications. Control and local storage interfaces are device specific to match different use cases. Supporting a large number of protocols, encoding methods and application specific firmware, the products can be used for Broadcast, Internet Radio as well as VoIP applications. With a local analog input, the Exstreamer can also be used as an IP controlled, high quality amplifier. ExStreamer -The Exstreamer devices are universal IP Audio codecs, which can encode and decode analog audio feeds. The device features special mounting wings, an 5 Watt power amplifier and is powered using PoE.

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Barix Technology Annuncicom There are myriad applications for audio-over-IP devices — virtually any application in which audio must be distributed or otherwise transmitted can benefit from the use of computer-networked audio.

Paul, Minn. More specifically, these devices can be used to provide audio for malls, grocery stores, educational institutions, and stadiums, and in broadcast applications. The unit can stream in the MP3 variable bit rate up to kbps , G. The Exstreamer is the other end of the pipe — a network audio decoder for the same applications.

This device receives and plays any MP3 stream, not just those created by its Instreamer counterpart. Shoutcast, Icecast, and RTP server streams are supported as well. With separate firmware, WMA streaming is also available.

Additionally, the Exstreamer features a USB slot on its front panel for playback from memory sticks. The Annuncicom is a network intercom and PA system component intended for integration with the Instreamer and Exstreamer products.

It transmits signals such as voice, alarms, prerecorded announcements, and music via the network to specific locations.

This is primarily intended to facilitate a door-intercom-style application, but it could be used to accomplish any number of similar applications. The physical containers of these Barix devices are not sexy in the sleek lines and sublime color scheme sense of the word, but their bright, practical aluminum cases are attractive in their own utilitarian way.

These cases are small: 4. The cases are all slotted for ganged installation. Then, with headphones plugged into the headphone jack of the unit, I plugged in the power cable. After a moment, I heard a voice in my headphones reading the IP address that the unit had found and established as its own.

These units can be controlled by computers, web pads, PDAs, or any other web-enabled device. Another nicety: IR-enabled devices can be remotely controlled over the network with an optional stick-on transmitter.

I was able to successfully stream audio from both the Instreamer and Annuncicom and receive it with the Exstreamer The quality of the audio is contingent on the settings. These devices are not intended to be used as multichannel snakes for live sound or some similar application. One minor quibble: It would be nice to have all the documentation printed and included with the units.

The Exstreamer and Annuncicom are individual units belonging to larger families of devices from Barix, but the Instreamer is the only device in its class. I can say that if the other devices in these series are as well-planned, well-made, and simple to use, Barix is poised for great success in the future. These devices are not sexy in the traditional sense of the word, but they are highly useful and easily configured for virtually any application imaginable.

I definitely recommend taking a look at them. He has consulted in the development of studios and installations and provides high-quality podcast-production services.


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