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Did you find this review helpful? Red and chrome, it is the most beautiful effect in the rack Here are his presentation more "technical" jack on the net: The Sonic Maximizer i improves brilliance and clarity of the sound by eliminating the deficiencies of reproduction loudspeakers in two stages: it adjusts the phase relationships between frequencies, midrange and bass by adding a progressively longer delay time in the low to neutralize the effect of phase distortion from the speakers.

Then it increases the bass and treble extremes where the speakers are less efficient. I use it between my and my JMP1 Velocity One channel baffle I have two 2x The bass is more present and the sound is "bigger", more accurate I mostly use it in distortion. In a little less clean, even if the rendering is good.

Especially since the pots are relatively accurate. I have tried that on my config mentioned above! Almost euros new, it is perhaps not cheap! But the sound is there. It remains the Cygnus anyway I have a system which has the peculiarity Powo to have a box of "strike". Ie, it hits hard in the 50 hz but the bottom of the spectrum Hz is not returned. At all! I got information before buying and was told that the bottom of the spectrum could be restored and frankly after several tests on several songs, this is not the case.

Increase the bass volume pot does not change, moreover, not much, except as some say give effect loudness. So for anyone looking for really different and bass sound like a subwoofer bass reflex found in many hi-fi or even home theater computer speakers I have a Logitech z for which sends in the heavy , the i is not for you.

Now for the positives, it is true that the sound is a little clearer, especially at the sharp ringing of metal on the least equalo my table. Did you try many other models before getting this one? The pros: ease of use, solid and reliable, the sound is clean and clear that without the process. Do not reproduce the frequencies that your system is not able to return to the base especially in the bass. What is your opinion about the value for the price? Knowing what you know now, would you make the same choice?

Probably not since it did not meet my expectations, it said, many find their account but good advice, try before you buy, and on your own system.


BBE Sonic Stomp Mini

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BBE 362 Sonic Maximizer

The units effectiveness in cleaning up a muddy sound and providing clarity and brilliance has made it an essential tool for recording studios and musicians. Radio and television stations use the Sonic Maximizer to add full tonal quality to the sound they send out through digital and analog formats. Add the maximizer between the equalizer and the speakers. Adjust the Sonic Maximizer after you have dialed in the tone you desire from the equalizer. Recording studios use the Sonic Maximizer to get the best audio quality when mastering the track mixes into a stereo format. BBE Sound developed a Sonic Maximizer plug-in for music recording software that allows you to get the same audio quality as its signal processors.


BBE 362SW SONIC MAXIMIZER Signal Processor & Independent Subwoofer Control


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