Assuming a transmission line such as a cable with uniform geometry, the TDR test signal propagates with a characteristic velocity such that the time can be related to distance. The changes in reflected voltage in a TDR waveform with respect to time correspond to distance from the test port where impedance changes. Cable or connector faults are regions on the TDR waveform where the measured reflection coefficient and associated local impedance are outside of manufactured specification. Cable faults are important because they degrade signal quality. Short or open faults obviously completely disrupt signal transmission. This can show up as reduced bandwidth and increased bit error rates.

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You can print the attached PDF, cut the graphic out, and stick it on the back of the unit. Results 1 to 3 of 3. This guy does a good job with laying it behringsr out. The time now is You do not come out of the jacks on the back to the crossover. Of one of the adapter damaged the internals.

You just plug both ends of the cable in and there are indicators showing condition. So, ideally I should get a diagonal going down and left?

Kindly let me know if you have any difficulty in downloading the manual. Help FAQs Go to top. The pins of both the male and female tie to identical pin numbers. Got a Cable Tester.. How am I supposed to read this? Or your input problem. Ask behrniger Question Usually answered in minutes! Since I need powered speakers, do both speakers need to be powered or just one, with the other speaker being passive and connected to it? Cable tester By razorbeams in forum Newbies.

If this is your problem, you will find that the shield of the XLR is connected to pin 3 instead of pin 1. Search in titles only Search in Effects and Processors only Search. I recommend that behringrr uncap BOTH connectors, mate them, and verify the same color goes straight across as you solder the wires.

However, the reading he stated is waaaay to low I find How am I supposed to read this? Behringer Music Answered on Nov 03, Behringer Music Answered on Sep 14, Play around with the cable a bit and if any of them light up you have a loose connection in there somewhere. Note that this defect would NOT be caught by your cable tester as there was conituity between corresponding pin numbers.


Behringer CT100 Manual


6ED1 052-1FB00-0BA5 PDF

Behringer CT100 Benutzerhandbuch


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