View all 12 comments. Besos de sangre While this book had its issues, it still had me entertained enough to keep on reading until the very end and continue with the second book in the series right away the issues are resolved in the next book in the series. There was very little plot set up, making it difficult to understand the world this story was taking place in, and even harder to understand the lead character. I ended up purchasing this book off audile. Jeaniene Frost Same as the character building, there is none.

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Calling all Spikeaholics. Sexual content abounds! This book is the perfect fit to fill the Buffy-sized hole in my heart. She has been slaying since the age of Bones is her sleek-and-sexy, bleach blonde, British vampire sidekick who also slays vampires for kicks.

And for the bounty. Together they form a kick-ass team who love to heat things up on the dance Calling all Spikeaholics. Together they form a kick-ass team who love to heat things up on the dance floor and in the bedroom. Buffy rip-off much?! But if you expect that, it helps.

The absence of Buffy has really been playing on my psyche lately, so this was exactly what I needed. If you go in expecting something original, you WILL be sorely disappointed.

Plus, I was in the mood for a snarky, mindless romp, which is exactly what this is. I think mood will definitely have a huge effect on how you view this book. Gawd - every time Bones spoke, I would start having to fan myself.

I felt like I was having hot flashes. Geez, why are my thighs all sweaty? Bones is no exception. Bones is what you would get if you mixed together two of my favorite things: soot-covered half naked firefighters and rocky road ice cream. Burning hot, dirty deliciousness. Wish I had a visual aid for that one. Hmmm, in fact I would gladly hand over a million dollar bill for such a picture!!

He had me so sexually frustrated in the first half of the book that I was pulling out all my hair. And yes, I look exactly like that.

Part of my problem was that I wanted it to keep going with that much intensity. But halfway through the book, they are already getting it on. I wanted the to be tortured with it. So technically, Cat is not a virgin but in the beginning she acts like one.

And at first, she blushes every time he says anything to her. Get the EFF over yourselves! I can barely justify giving this book four stars, but I decided that three would be too few.

The only thing that kept me going was the relationship between the Bones and Cat, so I really hope that this changes in the sequels.

So obviously, I did love Bones no really? He made this book for me. If you take him out, this book is two stars, maybe. The rest of the story and the main character were not all that captivating. Cat is NO Buffy, though she tries to be. Although, I did find this artwork. He makes it sooo worth it. And really hot to boot.

Oh Bones.


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