His literary interest nevertheless prevailed and so, shortly afterwards, he completed a parallel Bachelor of Arts in literature with a thesis on Ernest Hemingway in In he adopted Spanish nationality without losing his Peruvian one. At the Sorbonne he studied classic and contemporary French literature between and Then, Bryce decided to remain in France and taught Spanish language in a Paris school from to The next year, he became a professor of Latin American literature at Paris Nanterre University and since at the Sorbonne. This was followed by his first novel, Un Mundo para Julius, published in that became a big success and counts today as one of the classics of Latin American literature.

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This is not a bad translation but there area few things that I find problematic. I believe that the introduction could have addressed certain issues that frequently occur when translating a book as complex and long as this one.

As a result, Susan, Julius mother, speaks English perfectly and she speaks it with a British accent; in fact, it is strongly hinted that she dislikes American English and American culture and that even considers Hollywood actresses as inferior to her. Please keep in mind that Julius is based on Alfredo Bryce Echenique. She is naturally elegant and beautiful and mixing languages feels natural to her.

She is not pretentious but that is the way she speaks or cultural reasons. I suspect that to avoid repetition the translator believed that it was better to use synonyms, which is a huge mistake for it alters the way Susan is meant to come across! At first this may not sound like a big deal, but it is a big deal. It matters because historically Caucasians, Criollos in Peru Criollos are Caucasian whose families have been in Peru for many generations but who have only married other Caucasian and Castizos Peruvians of mixed ancestry but predominantly of European descent are usually found in the established middle classes and upper classes whereas mestizos, cholos, and indigenous Peruvians are usually found in the lower- middle and lower classes.

I admit that I enjoyed the English version although I prefer the Spanish version; however, unless your Spanish is excellent please do not attempt to read the Spanish version before reading first the English version. I know that the English version is out of print, and since I collect different editions of my favourite books I have two copies of the English version, but I paid about US dollars per each of them.

If you want to read the English version and you cannot find it, I hope your local library has it, or you may need to wait until another English version is released. Enjoy your reading and apologies for all the typos but as usual I type this using my mobile and now I am multitasking. More specifically mostly with Peruvian high society, the whole plot revolves around a family which belongs to Peruvian aristocracy of the era, its life and times over approximately seven years and this is given to reader via the innocent eyes of a kid, which year by year perceive the world around him in a kind of different way and reaching his teen years starts feeling a bit male.

One can say A world for Julius is a definition of a social novel as it deals entirely with Peruvian society of Lima. One can say a lot and other may comment that nothing special happens in this novel, maybe the truth is somewhere in the middle. Having just a few knowledge about Peru and mostly through books, I do believe that it is marvelous and fair enough portrait of Peruvian society.

Beyond this and although one can easily identify moments of contrast between social classes of Lima, personally I would love these contrasts to be more powerful or maybe to focus a bit more on them, yet I do understand that the goal is to highlight aristocracy, so hat off to this.

Writing was not really something I would call sensational, not exactly what excites me, but characters were so well crafted and deserve a special mention.


Alfredo Bryce Echenique



Alfredo Bryce



Un mundo para Julius



Un mundo para Julius de Alfredo Bryce Echenique [Gratis]


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