Tygorisar What motives did Bullinger have to write these sermons and why is he the only one of his time? Is it not passing strange that this should be so? Raymond W Soleau Jr rated it it was amazing Oct 12, It is in this book we have that which the first occurrence of the title in the Book of Psalms relates to:. The Old Testament has for its subject the King and his coming Kingdom, in promise and prophecy.

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Mezikasa Its first occurrence in Psa. Kadri Samuels is currently reading it Feb 20, We have no choice but to believe what He says. Be prepared and ready to unlearn anything that you may have received from men, and learn afresh from the Word of God itself.

This evidence may not seem conclusive in itself; but, taken with the other reasons given, it adds its cumulative testimony to our position that the book of Revelation has not the Church of God for its subject. The English is tainted with Scandinavian mythology. Philologos The Apocalypse by E. Bullinger Introductory This is a spocalypse of the word by man indeed!

Unveiling is the equivalent English word. Tertullian also admits that Christians were only looked upon by some as a sect of sun worshippers: It is in this book we have that which the first occurrence of the title in the Book of Psalms relates to: It occurs times; but as in 39 of these it refers to domestic servants, or those who serve man, we have to deal only with the 85 occurrences where it is used with reference to God.

Hebrew is to be made and to become the common vernacular! Hodder and Stoughton, page 68 and chap. Hence, the writers apoclaypse the Epistles, being all engaged in special service, might well be called servants. In the New Testament the usage is the same. Mine hand hath laid the foundation of the earth, and my right hand hath spanned the heavens: The Kingdom in abeyance. Bulljnger, without denying that the members of the Body of Christ are in a certain sense the servants of Christ, yet it is also perfectly clear that this is not their title as to their standing in Christ before God.

Let us say at once that we believe, and must believe 1apocwlypse God means what He says; and 2that He has a meaning for every word that Apocalyps says. Heinrich Bullinger and the Apocalypse That it should be so called afterwards is easily understood, and there can be little doubt that the practice arose from the misinterpretation of these words in Rev.

Indeed, among the later MSS. The hundred sermons, which were first published inobviously filled an important gap in the market of Protestant apocalyptic thought, for these sermons were reprinted and translated into French, German and Dutch in less than two years.

The wonder would be if it were not. The Apocalypse by E. This passage occurs in one of the earlier epistles of St. It is from the verb Open your Bibles at Isa. All the bullinge — the Temple, the Tabernacle, the Ark of the Covenant, the Altar, the Incense, the heads of the twenty-four courses of Priests the pattern of which Apoxalypse was a copy, I Chron. Bullinger The Throne Kings and Chronicles.

What is signifies is clear from the place where we first find it, vix. We see one result of this in our Yule-tide and Christmas. Back to search results. The result which to our mind is overwhelming. It is remarkable that the first use of the title in the New Testament is in Matt.

Any questions or corrections should be sent to owner-bpr philologos. Fifteen Preliminary Points I. This is enlarged upon in Gal. What early church and medieval influences are present on his work? TOP Related.


E. W. Bullinger

Akizahn This book has been slightly edited for online viewing. For Elohim is the God of creation and the commencement of life, while Jehovah is the God of revelation and the development and sustainer of life with regard to His covenant People. The Kingdom in abeyance. But this brings us to our fourth point. Sandra marked it as to-read Apr 29, The latter is free from Aramaic expressions, the former is saturated with them. Both refer to His coming in clouds to the earth in judgment, after the Church has been taken up, and after the Great Tribulation. Bullinger It must have been made known to him in some way; and he distinctly says it was by Jesus Christ not by apovalypse Holy Spirit.


Commentary on Revelation

Jukree The Woman and the Dragon xii. On this system of interpretation the Bible is useless for the purposes of Divine revelation. Bullingee say that the title here used is in connection with idolatry; and especially in its most ancient and universal form, sun-worship. Kadri Samuels is currently reading it Feb 20, The word occurs eighteen times; and in the following ten places is used of a person. It is used twice in Daniel: He had been showing them somewhat of the future, and He says John xv.

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