The cry of oppressed Israel had been answered by the exhibition of grace ; but the song of idolatrous Israel must be answered by the voice of stern rebuke. A naked sinner can be clothed; but a sinner decked in ornaments must be stripped. This is always true. We must be stripped of all that pertains to self, ere we can be clothed with that which pertains to God. Such was their condition, and Moses as once proceeds to act according to it. He could no longer own the people in their corporate character.

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Bible Commentaries

Buy C. Mackintosh was signed simply "C. His commentary on the Pentateuch is mostly devotional in nature and finds the Creator, Jesus Christ, in every book. Mackintosh believed that the glory of Christ shone through each passage.


C. H. MACKINTOSH Expository Writings & Notes On The Pentetuch




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