Q I have completed the installation but there seems to be a continuous flow of water through the new valve. Why is that happening? A Things to check: You may have installed the valve in reverse. Solution: Remove the valve and fit with arrow located at the base of the valve in the direction of the water flow.

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Using a simple and innovative mechanism, the Cistermiser saves water by only allowing the automatic flush cistern to fill up, and flush, when the washroom is in use. Installation of the Cistermiser standard valve onto the urinal cistern supply pipe will limit the flow of water to the urinal bowl, allowing flow of water into the cistern only when the washroom is in use.

Satisfies the requirement under Schedule 2, Section 9, Paragraph 25 of the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme to install an approved urinal flush control with all auto-cisterns and urinals. The Cistermiser range of hydraulic valves urinal flush controls are installed in-line with the water supply inlet pipe into the cistern and sense short term drops in pressure within the water supply.

Each time a drop in pressure is identified the valve releases a measured amount of water into the cistern. The auto-syphon will flush the urinals once the required amount of water is in the cistern. The short term drops in water pressure the Cistermiser flush control senses are caused by the use of taps or toilet flushing within the washroom, which approximates the use of the urinals. With the additional of the hygiene flush attachment sold separately the standard urinal Cistermiser is also able to perform a hygiene cycle or janitorial flush every 12 hours of inactivity to reduce unpleasant odours from the urinals and reduce the risk of blockages in the wastes even when the washrooms are not being used.

With an adjustable timer, the Cistermiser valve can remain opened or shut for varying periods, thereby changing the amount of time the cistern takes to fill up. The valve is activated by a sudden short term pressure drop in the system, caused by events such as taps turning on. When activated, the valve opens and water passes to the urinal cistern until the pressures on both sides of the valve are equalised.

When the cistern is full the auto-syphon will flush.


Hydraulic Control Valves (Cistern Flushing)



Hydraulic Control Valve



Cistermiser standard flush hydraulic control valve


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