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The car was finally unveiled at the Paris show. The front is common to both versions, with the grille formed from virtual extensions of the central crest. The sedan is much more rounded and features softer shapes, so they can boast a Cd of just 0.

These two versions of the C4 Picasso are more detached, taking over the grille of the sedan and coupe, but the cut of the headlamps are different, aesthetically combining corners and curves. The rear lights incorporate the design as in those of the sedan, but were adapted to the different shape of the body. Internally, the dashboard features a central instrument panel that centralizes all heating and cooling controls, audio, and a satellite navigation screen.

The instrument panel contains digital and analog displays of the speedometer, petrol levels, and other gauges.

Lighting can be customised to change colour from white to blue. The revolution, however, is placed in canonical position, behind the wheel. The latter is multifunctional and characterized by having a fixed hub. The cabin is equipped with numerous storage compartments and the luggage compartment is regular in shape, with a capacity of liters, increasing to 1, after lowering the rear seat backrest. The load threshold is quite high, hitting the loads of heavy objects. There are laminated side windows and exterior mirrors, with casing specially designed to prevent wind noise and improve comfort inside.

The saloon version is manufactured in Argentina , where it is sold alongside the three-door version. Technology[ edit ] A major selling-point of the C4 was its extensive use of technology.

For example, the car features the " lane departure warning system " only in the top-of-the-range "exclusive" model , which alerts the driver if he or she crosses a road marking without using the turn signals; directional headlights ; perfume dispenser integrated into the ventilation system; translucent dashboard; transparent glass roof; electronic stability program ESP , and a fixed steering wheel hub, which lets the driver operate several functions of the car without removing his or her hands from the wheel.

The fixed hub also allows for the first production use of a "shaped" driver airbag. In addition, the car features an innovative centrally mounted translucent LCD speedometer display that remains clearly visible in all lighting conditions.

MP3 playback is supported by the entry level audio system and high-end audio, with double-layer sound-insulated windows and integrated navigation system available as extras. EZ was released to enable full iPod connectivity with the standard RD4 radio.

The Picasso version can feature a pneumatic rear suspension. The C4 breaks with the past on other fronts, in particular by removing the rear autodirezionale solution, used up to that time on the Xsara and ZX. The suspension is the usual type MacPherson strut front suspension with coil springs, while the rear has interconnected wheels with torsion beam and torsion bars. The braking system includes ventilated discs on the front, and rear solid discs with ABS and ESP not standard versions with basic fittings.

The steering is rack and pinion with electro-hydraulic power steering. The grille was redesigned, making it slightly curved. There were also minor updates in the queue.

The redesign led to a slight lengthening of the car body, and was the occasion for more news: from the mechanical point of view was the arrival of the 1. Ride comfort was improved, and the more simplified sedan and the coupe were offered for the same price.

In addition, the diesel versions were available with Airdream pack, which allowed for slightly reduced emissions and consumption. Hatch facelift.


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