That is to say, by this book and in this gospel the prophecy of Daniel about the coming of Christ, who is the holy of holies, is shown to be fulfilled. From the 15th verse He treats expressly of the destruction of Jerusalem.. After that, up to the end of the chapter, He speaks of the signs which shall precede the end of the world. Holy is the birth of Christ by the Holy Spirit, holy is His teaching, holy are His works, holy are His miracles, holy His passion, resurrection and ascension, holy the sending of the Holy Spirit.

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Augustine , Tertullian , St. Jerome , Origen , and more. This makes these resources more powerful and easier to access than ever before for scholarly work or personal Bible study. It is a work of unequalled, we should say unapproached value. We specially entreat the clergy on no account to neglect obtaining so vast a treasure of saintly wisdom, even if in so doing they are obliged to sacrifice many volumes far inferior to it in real helpfulness.

There is about it a clearness of thought, a many-sided method of looking at truth, an insight into the deeper meaning, and a fearless devotion to what appears to him to be truth, which lend a peculiar charm to all that he writes.

We heartily commend the work to our ministerial readers. They are a storehouse for the preacher and a valuable aid to the devout lovers of the Word of God among the laity. Mossman for English readers. Mossman has done his part well, as an able and sympathetic scholar might be expected to do; and the books, both in execution and translation, its worthy of its author. Mossman, W. Cobb Volumes: 8.


Bible Commentaries

Life[ edit ] He was born at Bocholt , in Belgian Limburg. He studied humanities and philosophy at the Jesuit colleges of Maastricht and Cologne , first theology for half a year at the University of Douai and afterwards for four years at the Old University of Leuven ; he entered the Society of Jesus on 11 June and, after a novitiate of two years and another year of theology, was ordained a Catholic priest on 24 December After teaching philosophy for half a year, he was made a professor of Sacred Scripture at Leuven in and next year of Hebrew also. During his professorship at Leuven it pleased him to spend his holidays preaching and administering the Sacraments , especially at the pilgrimage of Scherpenheuvel Montaigu. Twenty years later in he was called to Rome in the same capacity, where, on 3 November, he assumed the office that he held for many years thereafter.


The Great Commentary of Cornelius à Lapide (8 vols.)

Cornelis Cornelissen van den Steen Flemish Jesuit and exegete , b. After teaching philosophy for half a year, he was made professor of Holy Scripture at Louvain in and next year of Hebrew also. Twenty years later, in , he was called to Rome in the same capacity, where, on the 3rd of November, he assumed the office which he filled with such renown for many years after. The latter years of his life, however, he seems to have devoted exclusively to finishing and correcting his celebrated commentaries. He was a sincerely pious and zealous priest and an exemplary religious.


My Favorite Catholic Bible Scholar: Cornelius a Lapide


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