Douzahn It was evocative, yet undemanding, and after the initial moment when she had instincitively withdrawn, she began to relax, aware that Alex was in an amenable mood — this time. During those early years, they added two sons, Angelo and Peter, to the family. The hero was kind of a self serving asshole most of the time, thinking he was holier than. She has since published twenty-five more books.

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Shelves: alpha-male , asshole-hero , contains-rape , contemporary-romance , forced-seduction , harlequin-style , arranged-marriage , p-b-e , uncomfortable-angsty-plot , virgin-heroine This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. So definitely dont go into this expecting a lovely, angsty romance with a feel good happy ending here.

For me this book was very depressing. When we read the blackmailed into marriage trope in HPland its completely unrealistic, as its supposed to be - I mean, this is fantasy. The woman almost always fights back, but not really and by the time the hero gets his way, he either totally regrets his methods or the heroine is completely on board and its not really the blackmail becomes moot.

This Wow. This feels far more realistic in the sense that neither of these scenarios plays out. The hero is unapologetic, even at the end and he has A LOT to apologize for and the heroine is perpetually resentful of this blackmail - she is a sexual slave and broodmare and she knows it - right up until the final chapter.

So it is impossible for me to read this as anything but a woman becoming complacent in an emotionally abusive marriage with the hero reigning triumphant over her. At least with Alex, dearest stepfather was able to negotiate for marriage instead of prostitution. When Samantha suggests that as a better alternative, Alex offers to fund her new business venture right then and there. And if this is what counts for friendship, Samantha is better off alone. So Alex and Samantha marry posthaste so he can begin trying to conceive his son.

In this he steps into the creepy, as well as asshole territories. He takes her to bed. By definition, their first few times are definitely rape, though more of the forced seduction variety.

Alex is insistent and attempts to be seductive, Samantha fights back, claws away, bites, whatever But afterwards of course she knows nothing but humiliation. And in the meantime, Alex is sneering, scornful and ensures that Samantha knows she her place. After all, it would have solved all her problems. But apparently it only took her a week to become so dependent on him that she found herself despondent by the thought of his death. This version of emotional abuse is subtle, but all the signs are there.

She never interacts with anyone outside of his immediate family, the household servants, Sophie or the puppy he bought her. It was evocative, yet undemanding, and after the initial moment when she had instincitively withdrawn, she began to relax, aware that Alex was in an amenable mood -- this time. And while she is away from her husband, she finds some former joy and cheerfulness, a lightening of the spirit.

Go figure. So she goes home and battles his sneering, scornfulness and risks humiliation to tell him of her love. Turns out though, he loves her too In no other way does he make himself vulnerable to her or show remorse for her torment.

And without his POV, I am more likely to suspect that he is simply continuing his emotional manipulation by claiming to love her. And by doing so, she accepts her role as his possession and the expectations that she behave in a certain way. He gets to feel validated by her adoration rather than have her hatred.

He has finally won what he wanted from her all along - a docile, compliant wife whose world revolves around HIM. This just depressed me.

Better the gilded cage she knows. Do yourself a favor and give this one a pass.


Helen Bianchin

Kris has just returned from finishing school and is nearing her 21st birthday. But instead of the freedom she expected to have, her life has already been arranged for her. Feeling a bit lost by her lack of direction she goes along with the endless stream of parties her stepmother takes her to, as well as the dinner invitations from Jared. Jared soon The heroine Kris arrives back home after spending a year in Europe at a finishing school. Jared soon informs her that he plans for them to marry, and Kris knows that the marriage is only intended in order to merge their two families and thus make their combined business, of which Jared is CEO, even more powerful. Kris agrees as she feels there is little other course for her. She has always had a secret love for Jared but is realistic enough to know that he will never love her.


Dark Tyrant (Harlequin Presents, #751)



Dark Enchantment


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