Recommended Early in the Second World War, in the south Pacific where the South Coral Sea meets the Indian Ocean a lone allied flotilla seeks desperately for a place to hide and slip past an overwhelming Japanese task force. No more Japanese Battleships firing on them. No more war planes diving from the skies to bomb and strafe them Be careful what you wish for This may fall into the category of "there are only seven original plots and Shakespeare wrote all seven of them.

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Walker is a World War I-era "four-stacker. Walker and her sister ship, USS Mahan , enter a squall and emerge on an alternate Earth where humans never evolved. As far as Reddy knows, the crews of the two destroyers are the only humans existing, but they soon come upon Japanese sailors threatened by a pleisiosaur and manage to save an officer.

The two destroyers separate after Reddy transfers the two pilots and four nurses to Mahan. Walker Edit While Walker is alone, it comes upon a vessel the size of an aircraft carrier propelled by sail. The vessel is populated by creatures who resemble lemurs. Walker seeks Mahan, but is unable to find her. Enroute, the Americans and the Lemurians discuss privately what they know—and think they know—about the other species. Upon arriving in Ballkpan, a community of pagoda-like structures, the Americans see two other vessels similar to Salissa, which they have begun referring to as "Big Sal.

They also meet Naga , the high sky priest of Ballkpan, who explains the history of the world and its peoples. Main article: Scrolls and Legends The Americans and the Lemurians agree that it will be necessary to go to war against the Grik. The crew of Walker begin repairing the warship and a working party goes in search of oil. Lemurian fisherfolk report Grik in the vicinity of Baalkpan. Mahan Edit After leaving Walker, Mahan steams as ordered until David Kaufman , the senior Army Air Corps pilot, mutinies and orders members of the crew who support him to steam toward Ceylon.

Enroute, they pass by what should be the city of Tjilatjap. Instead, they find a huge community of pagoda-like structures that have mostly been burned and piles of bones that they assume to be those of the former occupants. Later they find an abandoned PBY. Instead, Mallory flew to find Walker.

Mallory reports his observations at Tjilatjap and the Americans learn that the city was Chill-chaap in this world. Mallory also reports having seen twelve Grik vessels. Realizing that the Grik can copy things, Reddy reminds everyone that they have to get Mahan back or destroy her.

The Americans agree that they are going to have to drag the Lemurians into the modern age. Walker sorties and sinks a Grik ship, although Reddy wants to capture it.


Into the Storm (Destroyermen Series #1)

Firestorm[ edit ] Firestorm is book 6 of the series that was released in October The Grand Alliance is taking the war to the Grik and the Japanese. Walker, in the past year, has been rebuilt, and is now part of the Little class. Also introduced in this book is the German ocean liner SMS Amerika that was transported from a different timeline.


Into the Storm



Into the Storm




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