Book 7 in the New Species series. If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Once Tiger realizes that under a bunch of drunken bodies, is a human female his protective instincts kick in. Jasmin Lundberg rated it did not like it Dec 16, I wrote poetry in my teens and then moved on to short stories. Women in books never fall in love with their kidnappers! Read more Read less.

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I bet they heard you roar for miles. He softly growled. She walked to the bed and climbed on it and flipped over. She put her head on the pillow and spread her thighs wide. Tiger glanced up and purred. He put his knee on the bed and purred louder. She smiled and opened her arms, reaching out for him. Tiger climbed up the bed and over her. Always you. Only you. We need to discuss something right now. She closed her eyes and took a shaky breath, desperately wanting him to make love to her.

The man has a mouth that… She shook that thought away. Zandy moaned. All thoughts left her head as Tiger licked her until she climaxed. She screamed out his name as he climbed up her body, gasping as he entered her. She wrapped herself around his body while he rode her. They were both satisfied and out of breath afterward.

Tiger rolled them onto their sides to avoid crushing Zandy. She took his hand and placed it on her stomach. He suddenly rolled her on top of him. I could have crushed the baby! I love you. This is the best news ever.

I threw up twice yesterday at work and again this morning so I went in to see her. I had my suspicions since my breasts were tender. Getting knocked up easily? He chuckled. Thank you for coming into my life. You and our baby. You make me so happy, Tiger.

You really are my angel. You take me to heaven all the time. I love to write all kinds of stories. I love that about writing. I love to sit down at my computer desk, put on my headphones and listen to loud music to block out the world around me, so I can create worlds in front of me.

Laurann welcomes comments from readers. You can find her website and email address on her author bio page at www.


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Voodoogal He wants a New Species female. Bestial awesome name is great and so is Jericho. Zandy whose name I hated at first but then it grew on me gets rescued by our New Species hero, Tiger, when she inadvertently finds herself in the middle of a bar brawl. Hence the 2 star ratings, Tiger. It would have been frustrating for me to wait a year or more for the next book to come out. Joyce rated it did not like it Dec 05, Zandy has had the crappiest possible day. Our New Species doohner from the last one, Vengeance von Rapist.


Nikotilar They share a verrry passionate kiss or should I say kisses before they are interupted. She was drunk and thought she was going to die. Books by Laurann Dohner. New Species heroes and human females meet, have unprotected sex in a small amount of time they got acquainted, females fall in love, NS get massively possessive, something bad happen to females, NS rescue and then they live happily ever after. Hence the 2 star ratings, Tiger. Heart of the Hunted. I would love to be your mate.



I bet they heard you roar for miles. He softly growled. She walked to the bed and climbed on it and flipped over. She put her head on the pillow and spread her thighs wide. Tiger glanced up and purred.


You take it all from me. I feel almost turned inside out. Tiger is the 7th book in the New Species Series. He makes fun of all the males that have taken mates, saying they are nothing but trouble especially human mates. He has been very outspoken on the matter!

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