Ed was raised in a family of astrologers, including his mother, several aunts and uncles. He learned the language of astrology from the age of five and took classes with his aunt and godmother, Josephine Siska. A restless youth, he joined the Army as a conscientious objector, serving in the medical corps. During the procedure, he "flat-lined" in an NDE. During the few minutes when he was dead, he experienced such bliss that it changed him forever and affirmed his life direction.

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There is one thing about human beings that is consistent throughout the world: we do not follow instructions carefully. The reason for this title is to get your attention. Sit in a comfortable, straight-back chair, with your spine erect and both feet flat on the floor.

The reason for this is to prevent the circuit of your energy being closed. Close your eyes, and invent a cave around you as if you have just walked into the cave and the entrance is at your back. The cave will become clearer as your mind begins to see its details, like having your eyes get used to the dark. Be as sensory as you can Use all your senses.

Be sure you are observing and sensing the environment while being in your body and looking out of your eyes. When you can feel yourself in the cave, even though things may still be vague at this point, move forward and to the left, away from the cave entrance, and find some kind of doorway or opening there on the left that will lead you out into a landscape.

This first part of the movement is necessary for the rest to work. It has some connection to ancient spiritual processes. Take a step out into the landscape when it appears, feeling the new type of ground under your feet. The landscape will feel real, so be there, in that space. Then with your mind call for an animal to come to you. Let it be unknown to you. Ask the animal to lead you off to the right to where your Inner Guide awaits you. Let the animal lead you, and keep from anticipating where that might end.

The animal will lead you to the feet of an unknown male figure - your first Guide. The initial Inner Guide will be an unknown male figure for both men and women. Start receiving impressions about the figure. Allow the impressions to come to you uncritically. You will be presented with significant information, which will be useful when you review the experience later.

Be sure to ask the figure if he is your true Guide and if he has the power to protect you in the inner realms. Then ask the Guide to take your right hand in his left. The reverse would be appropriate for left-handed people. Again, make sure all your senses are in play during this portion of the process. Ask your Guide then to point to where The Sun is in the sky of your inner world. As the position of the Guide is in the Ninth House of your birth chart, the relative position of the Sun in your chart should correspond to where you see it in this environment.

Look for another Guide to the right of the false Guide, and know that he is nearby. Call to him, and give him your permission to appear to you. After your Guide takes your hand and points out where The Sun is and you see it, ask The Sun to come down, in human form, to where you and your Guide are. It may appear as a man or a woman, so try not to preconceive its appearance. When you and your Inner Guide are together with The Sun figure, direct your attention to The Sun and ask it to send as much light and love into you physically as you can handle at that particular time.

Absorb the energy as it comes. Now is the time to ask two questions: 1. What do you need from me and from my life to work with me and be my friend?

What do you have to give me in the form of a symbolic object placed in your hand that I need from you? The symbolic object will be whatever you perceive it to be.

Accept whatever comes. Ask both the archetypal giver and your Guide to help you understand the gift and the ways you may use it in both the inner and outer worlds. When you have really understood the talent or ability, ask the archetype that presented the gift to place it in or on your body at a place where you should absorb and carry it.

Feel where the energy form of the object settles within you. You may feel physical sensations in one or more parts of your body. Again, check out all the steps in the process with your Inner Guide. You are in foreign territory. My Inner Guide Experience There are some that say there is nothing real in imagination. And yet, where does reality start but in imagination?

If you cannot imagine something, it does not exist for you, even if it stood in front of you and poked you with its finger. My Inner Guide Meditation was done on my own. My induction process was simple: I just imagined a building, then I walked down steps to the basement, walked through the door and into the cave. The cave did take some time to get used to, I must admit, but then the turning to the left, walking through a tunnel into a walled garden, worked easily.

The animal that came when I called it was a horse. I held onto its tail when it took me to another part of the garden to our right. That movement is important: left, then right. The horse brought me to the boots of an American Staff Sergeant. My Guide was a man of few words. But the feeling between us was one of a band of brothers, so I suspect we had been friends in our previous existence together during WW II, I would imagine.

The Sun, when he pointed to it, was low in the sky and slightly to the right , but otherwise directly across from us. That fitted where it should be as far as my birth chart shows. When the Sun came down in human form, it was like Apollo, and that made sense to me. The jolt of electricity that went into my body when he shared his energy with me was truly electrifying.

The hands were where I felt the energy the most. What the Sun wanted from me was to be mindful of his existence every day. What he gave me was a skeleton key. The reason for the key was to unlock secrets of the universe. I came away from the experience as if a light had been turned on in my body.

We all have that spark, even those who do not believe in such things. What we wait for all of our lives is to have someone or something set the spark afire.


Inner Guide Meditation: A Spiritual Technology for the 21st Century



Steinbrecher, Ed



Inner Guide Meditation


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