Bt Operation Precautions Read carefully before using the transmitter. Before online-communication, confirm that communication signal does not give effect on the upper system. Contact Yokogawa ejaa personnel. Delete codes KU2 and KF2. Please note that the construction of the instrument, installation, external wiring, maintenance or repair is strictly restricted, and non-observance or negligence of this restriction would result in dangerous condition.

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Arabar Yokogawa EJA User Manual The installation must be in accordance with the description about the type of protection in this instruction manual. Never insert a screw driver or other tool between the cap and the port threads to remove the cap. When doing this, carefully pull the LCD board assembly straight forward so as not to damage the connector pins between it and the CPU assembly.

With present settings of 0 to 30 kPa, set the lower range value to 0. This product was eja53a on Dec 29, Thereafter, always use the transceiver outside the area affected by noise.

Also take precautions such as placing a removed CPU assembly into a bag with an antistatic coating. Test output is held for approximately 10 minutes, and then released automatically after the time has elapsed. The zero point adjustment can be made with a resolution of 0.

Follow the procedure below to change these settings. The user is permitted, however, to replace a capsule assembly with another of the same measurement range. Item Description Amplifier cover only Amplifier cover and ejax cover, Munsell 7. NO Are power supply voltage and load resistance correct?

When the shrouding bolt is driven clockwise by an Allen wrench, it is going in and cover lock is released, and then the cover can be opened by hand. In case of its maintenance, soft and dry cloth is used. Press the mqnual twice in the setting panel panel 1 to clear all error message P10 to P13 information. Hysteresis of cut point: Model And Specifications Check Does the self-diagnostic indicate problem location? OK The higher range value is changed keeping the span constant.

The sum of the amplifier and capsule damping time constant must be used for the overall time constant. For the intrinsically safe equipment and explosionproof equipment, in case the instrument is not restored to its original condition after any repair or modification undertaken by the customer, intrinsically safe construction or explosionproof construction is damaged and may cause dangerous condition.

Yokogawa Electric Corporation, a leading company in industrial automation IA and technology solutions, recently announced the completion of its storey building in Singapore.

You must press the shift key before entering each letter. Parameters C21 and C22 are changed at the same time. TOP Related Posts.



Daigore Check HRV and modify as needed. Areas where self-diagnostic offers support NO Refer to Section 6. Therefore, if you switch off the transmitter within two hours from when the error occurs, mnaual is no history of that error stored in the transmitter, and this function is meaningless. For the installation of this transmitter, once a particular type of protection is selected, any other type of protection cannot be used.


Yokogawa DPharp EJA530E Manuals

Read carefully before using the transmitter. Mounting position emaa or zero shifts caused by static pressure are typically compensated by a zero adjustment. Operation Mode Setup Please use this instrument in the industrial environment only. When doing this, lightly press the side of the CPU assembly connector and pull the cable connector to disengage. Confirm the hunting using a receiving instrument or the integral indicator, and set the optimum damping ejaaa constant.


EJA530A In-Line Mount Gauge Pressure Transmitter (DISCONTINUED)

This ensures on-spec product, reduced waste, and improved yield, helping you increase profitability. The DPharp sensor exhibits greater linearity and repeatability with no inherent hysteresis, providing tighter process control. The EJAE reduces total cost of ownership by having safety as standard, extending calibration intervals, and utilizing a common communication platform for all protocols. As standard, all Yokogawa transmitters are certified for single transmitter use in SIL 2 safety applications and dual transmitter use in SIL 3 safety applications. The same transmitter can be used for both process control and safety applications. Managing two separate transmitter models is no longer necessary, reducing spares inventory and simplifying daily operations. Changing operating conditions can cause transmitters to drift to the point where they are no longer able to make accurate measurements for the process loop they are installed in, resulting in poor quality or an impact to product yields.

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