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Outlining T. Paul Biefield, a former classmate of Albert Einstein. Unknown to many unconventional propulsion experts, T. Countries such as Britain, France, Sweden, Canada, and Germany also had concurrent projects from through Furthermore, through the investigative effort of Dr.

Paul LaViolette, it has become clear that electrogravitics became an integral part of the B-2 Stealth Bomber today, giving it an unlimited range. The editors had a change of heart however, in the following issue, and rescinded the article. The important fact from that book is that the DC power supply went up to kV, with a substantial force being displayed starting around kV. Here we get an idea of the range of voltage necessary for successful electrogravitics that even recent military contractors mysteriously disregard.

An example is R. The high voltage electrically charged the air around the craft with a cloud of positive ions forming in front of the craft and a cloud of negative ions behind.

This has been verified with tests recently performed by researcher Larry Davenport. He reported to Lt. In , Brown returned from a research trip in France where he verified that electrogravitics worked well in a vacuum, in other words, the environment of outer space.

The Bahnson heirs subsequently dissolved the laboratory project. Thus, LaViolette was successful in obtaining a copy of the formerly classified document. The mystery continued: seven years later when contacting the Wright-Patterson AFB Technical Library, they surprisingly found no reference in the computer-based card catalog.

They did locate the document on the shelves, however, after being asked to search for it. To summarize, the report has historic value because: It validates T. Prepared by the Aviation Studies International Ltd. There has never at any time been any realistic explanation of what propulsion agency could make it do those things, but its ability to move within its own gravitation field was presupposed from its manoeuverability.

Yet all this was at least two years before electro-static energy was shown to produce propulsion. Even today, electrogravitics continues to attract public attention in the press. Throughout the sixties and the seventies, J.

Searl produced many newsletters detailing the work he was doing. Since I corresponded with him in , I also received some of these reports. The importance of his experiments lies in the electrogravitics phenomena associated with them.

This type of description is found throughout the reports and probably was measured by the length of the spark discharge considering the approximate voltage breakdown of air. Videotapes of much of the phenomena have been shown on Japanese TV as well. Hathaway also assembled a three-hour videotape that documents the TV interviews, reports, and actual events.

The total real power was about 1. Besides the disruptive effects, which were numerous, the lifting of various heavy objects by the field was most impressive. This is a small AC signal but on top of the high voltage DC signal, it performs amazing feats. A reference to this may be found in a military report by Dr. Dennis Cravens who gave T. LaViolette has also found this factor to have particular electrogravitic significance.

Brown suggested an electrogravitic craft should look, for maximum charge separation; Northrup tested leading-edge charging in ; B-2 electrically charges the exhaust similar to the suggestion by T. LaViolette argues that the electrogravitic drive will function better at higher speeds due to the better flow of the ions. Therefore, it is likely, he says, that the B-2 actually is a supersonic aircraft, especially since the leading-edge charging experiments were for supersonic softening of the shock wave.

We hope that this trend will continue so that advanced Shuttle designs may also acquire an electrogravitic drive. Through a proposal he submitted in , Dr. It is especially attractive since it uses so little power when it is operational and verified by Brown to work well in a vacuum. Many of the books and videos mentioned in this article are available, as a public education service, from our non-profit organization, Integrity Research Institute, www.


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