Both systems share a comprehensive set of features including exceptional capacity utilization, data protection and availability solutions, and advanced support capabilities. Too often, however, the increased capabilities of advanced network storage come at the price of new interfaces to master, new terminology to decipher, and new processes to learn. VNXe systems take a fundamentally different approach, aligning storage management with applications, avoiding arcane storage terms for plain language, and embedding storage and application best practices into the user interface for a faster, simpler user experience in completing everyday administrative tasks. Together We are Unbeatable.

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All that changed with the release of the VNXe series early last year. Instead, the VNXe is a multiprotocol, virtualized implementation of the file and block-level storage engines of the VNX.

Through virtualization, EMC found an innovative way to deliver enterprise-class functionality and performance in an small-business-sized package and at a small-business price.

Though the VNXe has been popular in a range of different roles such as a replicated branch office storage solution or even as storage for embedded industrial hardware , the sweet spot for the VNXe is most certainly the small to midsize business. For many of the small businesses that may consider buying a VNXe, this will be their first experience with shared, centralized storage of any kind.

Thus, the ease and simplicity of installing and growing the system is paramount. As many small to midsize business buying their first shared storage have a parallel interest in leveraging the clustering functionality found in many virtualization hypervisors, the bulk of my testing was performed on a trio of HP ProLiant DL G7 servers loaded with embedded VMware vSphere 5.

Read on for the full details, and see the short sidebar, " EMC VNXe performance check ," for the results of my simple performance tests. As the resulting scorecard shows, I found the EMC VNXe to be a solid entry-level array -- one that I would recommend to anyone charged with single-handedly running a small shop on a limited budget. Any IT generalist will find Unisphere simple to navigate and get what they need, though as always that very simplicity may be a source of frustration for admins with more storage experience.

Test Center Scorecard.


EMC VNXe 3100 - NAS server - 6 TB Series Specs



EMC VNXe 3100: Sweet entry-level NAS and SAN


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