Yozshukazahn But uncommon does not equal ineffective. Escrima, arnis and kali possess a particular manuao and a kick or any other technique will only work effectively if they fit well with that structure. Learning Escrima online from the comfort of your own home! They are a means to an end rather than the end in itself.

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Solo Training Blog Single Stick — week 6 The stick or staff has been used as a tool or weapon since mankind has existed. We will be starting with some of the basic strikes and angles and proceed into some basic solo drills in upcoming videos.

One of the most common and useful moves in nearly any martial art is the kick. While there are multiple types of kicks, there are also kicks that are common to most all styles be it karate, tae kwon do, kung-fu, muay thai, silat or FMA. Kicks are used in conjunction with weapons training and empty hand combatives. Typically the kicking arts portion is referred to as Pananjakman or Sikaran. FMA filipino martial arts kicks are kept low and used to attack the legs and feet and use the knee, shin, instep, toe and bottom of the foot for striking.

The purpose is to incapacitate or unbalance the opponent. High kicks are not used except in the modern version of Sikaran. Your footwork is just as important as your hands in combatives. In an actual fight, you will need to be able to dart in and out of range quickly and safely. Agility and footwork drills will make you quicker and your movements more efficient. You may not realize it, but all the extra half steps and wasted motions add up, making you slower, causing your technique and movement to be be clumsy and awkward.

Having bad or incorrect movements can hinder you in dissolving your opponents attack and even cause you to trip or lose your balance. Week 4 Leave a Comment below Adding Speed to your Punch — Week 3 The only way to go from average martial artists to outstanding is to train. You may be limited in how many classes you can attend on a weekly basis, but you can make up for this by supplementing it with solo or individual training.

The key to greatness lies in training on your own, you are competing with yourself not the other students in the school. This is how you get better, this is how you improve your skills, this is how you conquer yourself. There is no other way. Week 2 Leave a comment below…… How long will you just sit there watching others do what you wish that you could do?

The internet is a wonderful thing, but it has turned many of us into a nation of watchers. We watch movies, videos, reality shows, we watch how-to videos and blogs instead of getting up off of our butts and doing. We always wanted to learn martial arts or a plethora of other activities, but we never seem to have the time or we make excuses. Many of you out there want to learn and train but have no partner to work with the wife and kids will only put up with so much so we will try to rectify this problem.

This new blog will feature many tips and drills to help you in your training. We also want this to be a shared exchange of ideas so for those of you already training on your own feel free to share your ideas and tips with the rest of us. You can email it to me or post a comment below.

You can also send us pictures and videos to share with the rest of the readers.



Kazibei While different FMAs specialize in different weapons, many of them include training with blunt and sharp weapons of various lengths, from palm sticks and knives to sticks and swords. The use of kicks in escrima, arnis and kali weapons fighting By Perry Gil S. Over 40 years of experience and development of mankal … no secrets, excessive techniques, fantasy warrior ego boosting movements, just hard work, logic, realistic and effectives basics. This article will just focus on the use of kicks in Filipino martial arts weapons fighting.


Kazir A and travels worldwide for seminars and galas. He lives in the U. A person can block a punch or a kick using their arm as a shield or cover. A true application used in any martial arts system you practice. Daten werden geladen …. This article will just focus on the use of kicks in Filipino martial arts weapons fighting.

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