Despite his tremors, Nariman likes to go walking. When he falls into a hole dug by the telephone company and breaks his ankle, Jal and Coomy cannot cope with the stress and indignity of nursing him. Coomy in particular still resents Nariman for his treatment of their mother, and decides to foist the old man on to his next of kin for the duration of his convalescence. The names of the two blocks attest to different classes of dwelling: the faded grandeur of Chateau Felicity as against the modest pretensions of Pleasant Villa. Conditions are so cramped that the older boy, year-old Murad, has to move his mattress on to the balcony under an improvised awning, though luckily he regards this hardship as an adventure. The nine-year-old, Jehangir, sleeps next to his grandfather, and comforts him when he becomes agitated in the night.

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Its fabulous! I still havent read A Fine Balance yet - but own it. Everyone says that Books fantastic as well Yet I find it hard to believe that the author could write another book any better than this one.

Completed Book Everyone says that Books fantastic as well — Yet I find it hard to believe that the author could write another book any better than this one. Thankfully, the prior five hours sleep sustained me for another 5 hours.

At which point, I had to drift off again for a little more morning sleep. Note: Today is Friday, Nov. Thank You, Seemita! Crazy- ridiculously - beautiful - this book is This book which traveled far to reach me -will land in the hands of others who will appreciate it. He has osteoporosis, and a broken leg. Medications, sleeping pills and anti-diarrhea, etc.

Bathing, clean clothes, simple tasks become difficult. Depression can be The challenge of living with dignity with a failing physical body Two days ago I was speaking to my close friend 76 year old retired professor , whose mother celebrated her th birthday just a month ago. They had a 3 day - huge family celebration for her.

She is in excellent health --and looks amazing! Married 45 years.. Some days in our own outlook on life I looked up more information about Zoroastrianism A fricken train load of people also suffer.

Coomy was bitter and domineering. Jal was more mild mannered and acquiescent. When they no longer wanted to take care of him - mostly tired of taking cared of his bodily functions.. They pass Nariman off to his biological daughter Roxana, her husband Yezad, and their two boys Jehanjir, and Murad. Smashed together like sardines in a small apartment flat, Roxana was a saint in taking care of her father - but she and Yezad were starting to fight over finances. Roxana and Yezad are also fighting with Coomy and Jal.

The young children were having struggles adjusting as well. Daisy visited Nariman to play her violin to add comfort. Each character had different personal concerns and challenges. For example Yezad started gambling illegally because he was having a hard time making ends with the added financial stress medical costs, etc.

The setting in Bombay is integral to the book - the customs, languages, politics, religions, constant conflicts between Hindus and Muslims , and the overall spirit.

Reading "Family Matters" was sometimes sad it hurt, other times, so dramatic--I I laughed silly: "What happened here? Saalo maaderchod came in like a king, sat down, and ordered tea with bun-muskaa, extra butter and all.

With loud busy teeth, batchar-batcher, the bastard ate everything, happy as a goat in a garbage dump, and gurgled down his tea. When he got the bill he said, Sorry, no money. My waiter thought he was joking. But the bhonsrino kept refusing to pay. Absolute karko, not one paisa. This was written in - 13 years ago These at my favorite types of books..

This novel was like a friend! Thank you to Seemita


It's all a bit of a mystery



Independent culture newsletter



Family Matters



Rohinton Mistry


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