Page 5: Introduction To The 6ex Programming features include servo reversing and E. A on all channels, dual rates, exponentials, throttle curve, pitch curve, throttle hold, and pit to rudder mixing REVO. These antennas have a diversity function to decrease the chance of a receiving error.

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Control system: Pulse width control,1. Full instructions on how to operate the controls are provided beginning on page Page Charging The Ni-cd Batteries If there is a noticeable drop in capacity the batteries should be replaced. However, fast-charging with an aftermarket charger is acceptable as long as you know how to properly operate the charger. NEVER charge at a rate This means all the data control throws, trims, end points, etc. Page 13 NOT turn off the power during the initialization; otherwise initialization will restart when you turn on the power.

Do not fly when this message is displayed: all programming has been erased and is not available. Return your transmitter to Futaba service. See Wing mixing type selection for further information, p HELI: Helicopter memory type with three helicopter swashplate type. To assign a name 1. Page Expo Exponentials the throw.

Repeat the procedure for the other dual rate channel 2-elevator, 4-rudder. Three of the trims are for adjusting the neutral position of the aileron, elevator and rudder servos. The fourth trim is for setting the idle r. The wing mixing function is another mix that may be used, but the channels mixed are predetermined. Enter the programming mode. Page Elvn Elevon Mixing 4.

Next you may the elevator setting. Next you may the rudder setting. Page 23 3. Now the mixing is on. Next you set the left wing to channel 1 aileron setting. This normal throttle curve create basic curve for around hovering. Point 1 is shown initially which is throttles stick all the way downward slow position. Point 5 is throttles stick all the way upward hi position. This helps compensate for rotation of the helicopter caused by the increased engine torque.

Never use revo. However, revo. To set the REVO mixing: 1. Ideal for learning aerobatics through 3D. Ideal through Class III competition. Extremely fast response time. Requires specialized servo.

Gyro mixing function is use for adjusting the gain of the gyro and selecting the gain from two different gain settings by switch on the transmitter with the gyro that can set two different gains witch placed on the model.

To activate swash to throttle mixing: 1. Page 29 To select the swashplate types: 1. In this menu, you may select from one of two options of operation for each channel. Page Othert6exp Functions 4. With the transmitters off, connect the trainer cord to both radios. On the 6EXP the trainer jack is in the center of the rear of the case.

Page Adjustable-length Control Sticks When the length is suitable, lock the stick in position by turning locking piece B counterclockwise. The modes determine the functions that will be operated by control sticks. Be certain you know what the frequency is. This is expressed as a two-digit number 42, 56, etc.


FUTABA 6EX-2.4GHZ Instruction Manual



Robbe Futaba T6EXP



FUTABA 6EXP Instruction Manual


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