That is, until Ginie Sayles came along, taking the world by storm with her eyebrow-raising teaching on How To Marry the Rich! With her "shocking," frank discussions of "marrying for money," Ginie Sayles has fascinated millions in her appearances on every major network and talk show for years. Ginie literally wrote the book on How To Marry the Rich, and she has travelled the world for years teaching her seminar in person. However, this seminar has been unavailable for a decade. Finally, you can now get the original seminar recording - unavailable for a decade - once again. Then one day, purely by chance, Julie meets Rick, a self-made owner of rental property.

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What do Dr. Their talents were noticed and encouraged by the rich and powerful, and this is how they too became world famous. They have achieved recognition of their talents, but what about you?

You work hard, and are talented. Yet the kind of success you aspire to may still elude you. You may be doing well now, but you know that you are capable of more.

If so, you are ensuring that you may never find the recognition that your talents deserve. Or maybe you are networking like crazy, wearing yourself out attending seminars and events, yet still seem to be spinning your wheels. Are there shortcuts to success, or does everyone have to "pay their dues" and wait a certain prescribed number of years before they are viewed as the authority in their field?

If there are shortcuts to success, what are they? Are they ethical? One of the most time-honored "shortcuts" to success is to find and work with clients and mentors who are powerful, wealthy, and well-known. Some of the most famous people in the world would not be where they are now without the help and guidance of the right person.

Tony Robbins - world famous life-changing speaker - was mentored by author Jim Rohn. Richard Branson, one of the richest men in the world, was mentored by Freddie Laker. Award-winning actor Kevin Spacey was mentored by another award-winner, Jack Lemmon. The list is endless of those who were helped and mentored by the rich, famous, and powerful. Yet so few know what it takes to become a trusted friend of the wealthy and powerful.

When Dr. Phil McGraw met Oprah Winfrey, he was already a successful businessman. Who could have predicted that as a result of his friendship with Oprah, he would become one of the most recognizable celebrities and authors in American culture today?

Oprah Winfrey got to know Dr. Phil McGraw when she sought his expert help to prepare her for a much publicized lawsuit. Soon after, she invited him to appear on her show. His appearance proved so successful that he began appearing weekly as a Relationship and Life Strategy Expert. Phil is widely known.

Has this powerful relationship made a difference in the life of Dr. Phil and his family? Has this powerful friendship made a difference for the millions of people Dr. If it were not for Dr. Some people want you to think that it does not matter who you know! They are more than happy for others to keep believing that, while they are busy getting to know the people who can make a difference in their lives - while their competition is left far behind.

Do you know how to meet rich clients and mentors - and more importantly, how to get them interested in you and your goals?

You have friends now; your closest friends can include the rich, famous, and powerful, too. Find out how to be mentored by the rich - and become a "favorite" of theirs! So where do you start to meet the people who will become important to you - and vice versa?

Ginie Sayles has been helping her clients work with and understand the lifestyles of the rich for many years. The answer is yes Do the rich seek to be friends only with other rich people? Not at all. You can you fit into the world of the rich - and the rich can enter your world - with both of you feeling completely at ease. You can understand what motivates the rich to form friendships and business relationships.

Do you aspire to be rich? It is truly a great, great, great program!!! The 14 layers of class are great! The best part is how to get into society i. I get invited to great parties and have great female friends who are invaluable to meeting more wealthy men and women! I met a new man wealthy whom I fell madly in love with.

He is absolutely fabulous! We have been together approximately one year and things constantly get better every day. You have helped me so much, Ginie. Thank you - God bless. The 14 Layers of Class are great! I never looked back. In less than a month I met the women who I married two years later. Now we live in a 4-bedroom home, drive a Lexus she has one too and money is no longer an issue. I would have missed out on the love of my life!

Now the only one who still calls me [my old name] is my sister ;. And HE was my best man at our wedding! So it was all directly related to the things I learned from Ginie Sayles.


Ginie Sayles | Author



How to Marry the Rich



How to Marry the Rich by Ginie Polo Sayles (1992, Paperback)


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