Extended capacity trig rule, has P Pythagorean scale. Graphoplex Model Number Archive Leather slip case b Pocket Tecnilog They are visually very striking, something often hard to judge well from a scan, which tends to graphoplexx the visual contrast gray becomes blackand makes exact colors hard to reproduce. Go to the Full Sized Slide Rules. Go to the Auction Page. Specialty electronics engineering rule for direct calculation of frequency, capacitive reactance, inductive reactance, etc.

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Dagami Extended capacity log log rule, has P Pythagorean scale. Camera Prazisa boxed camera flash light Germany. Graphoplex slide rule box papers France. Graphoplex Rietz five inch graphplex frame, plastic slide rule, complete with leather slip case. Calculigraphe calculator made by Henri Chatelaine in Paris.

Specialized commercial rule, mark up, discount, factor conversion. Drafting sets with the Graphoplex logo, as well as other related drafting and art items are known to exist. Graphoplex slide rule box papers France I have been unable to locate a current company called Graphoplex in France today, but they supposedly were involved in other plastics molding and manufacturing, so may now exist as a different company, or as part of a larger conglomerate.

Do check the attached video on how to work your vintage man tool: Graphoplex d Rietz ten inch, closed frame, plastic slide rule. Pocket duplex rules were quite uncommon, with only a single example found so far, the b. Instructions were gaphoplex very short, folded brochures, often folded to gtaphoplex inside the cases. Go to the Exotic Slide Rules. Circular rules existed under the tradename Roplexwith an uncommon wheel-rotation design. Leather slip case b Pocket Tecnilog It has a French instruction manual.

A short form catalog often was present at the top, listing similar rules by model number. The rule itself is made of plastic, as well as the cursor which has several long and short hairlines, window with hairline on the back as well. They were based in Paris, and all their rules found so far are of graphoplx construction, and from the materials used, would seem to be a post-WW2 manufacturer. The higher end gray end brace duplex rules from Graphoplex were also sold in the USA by the large drafting supply distributor, Koh-I-Noorbased in New Jersey, and still have the Graphoplex logo.

Extended capacity trig rule, has P Pythagorean scale. Unusual black, red and blue scale markings, fine secondary numbers in blue. Extended capacity hyperbolic log log rule, has P Pythagorean scale. French Slide rules F requently A sked Q uestions. Graohoplex Schuco microracer red Germany Other calculations can also be made relating to the pipework used. It has the following scales: Specialty electronics engineering rule for direct calculation of frequency, capacitive reactance, inductive reactance, etc.

Graphoplex clearly exported rules outside of France, as the instructions supplied with rules come with French, Spanish, German and Italian inserts, and were rules were also redistributed to the USA via Koh-I-Noor. I was able to find two Koh-I-Noor sets here, but only one other original Graphoplex rule.

Tavernier Gravet, in their previous guise as Gravet- Lenoir, were early makers of these Mannheim rules. Leather flap case Rietz C. Camera Ilford exposure meter England The has crisp black scales, with inverse and extension areas in red, and many extra secondary numbers in pale blue, an exceptionally clean and clear rule layout, worth tracking down. It has grapohplex card case.

Description Description This complete set of slide rule,cardboard box, manual and card are made by Graphoplex from France. Both cursor and rule are celluloid. So far, we have located a grphoplex variety of simplex pocket and full sized rules, and several full sized duplex rules, all in plastic construction. Most 10 Related.


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