Ida A Lentz was born circa , at birth place , Minnesota. Ida married Julius Lentz. Ida lived in , at address , Minnesota. Ida married Charles Lentz. They had 6 children: Latte Lentz, Anna Lentz and 4 other children. Ida passed away on month day , at age 69 at death place.

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Ida Kannenberg died on May 17th of this year, she was 95 years old. Of all the authors that have inspired me, Ida was the one who I went back to over and over as a way to hold onto some sort of framework for this phenomenon. She told of life events that included UFOs, visitations from human entities, telepathic messages and channeling. She lobbied that much of what might be perceived as literal was in fact metaphoric and they mythic.

Plus - She was funny and sassy, and it makes her books perfectly delightful. She was close friends with Leo Sprinkle, and he gave me her email address an encouraged me to reach out to her. I corresponded briefly during the winter of She was very supportive, as well as sharing stories about her cats: "Princess Fiona gets into every nook and cranny of the house and into mischief at the same time.

Lord Spike is too fat to get into the same corners. Old cranky Tibbetts just sleeps in the guest bed and sulks. Hope you are having a good Christmas time and will keep in touch through the new year.


Ida M Kannenberg

Karl Richard Kannenberg was born on month day , at birth place. Karl passed away. Karl married Karoline Auguste Henriette Kannenberg. Karoline was born on January 1 They had 3 children: Karl Robert kannenberg and 2 other children. Karl passed away on month day , at age 40 at death place.


ISBN 13: 9780615940830

This blog has been created to inform the public about the UFO subject. It also contains peripheral phenomena. She was tricked into thinking her help was needed and as she thought she was giving blood they were putting implants into her body. Since then, Ida has gone from nearly being driven mad by them to becoming the most organized and systematic thinker and writer on UFO and psychic events. Although Ida never takes what they tell her at face value, her experiences with them during the last 37 years have made her extremely interesting and knowledgeable.


Kannenberg has had the most interesting contactee experience in the U. Here she shares her experiences and the knowledge obtained from many years of study and meditation. Her writings can be helpful to any scientist and UFO researcher as well as any client and psychotherapist. Her wit and wisdom are reassuring to those of us who puzzle over the whole UFO phenomenon. She teases, pleases and challenges the reader, who is guaranteed to become curiouser and curiouser


I was attempting to contact her when I read your entry today. We are so glad you like this sort of thing and think it idz be interesting and exciting. I am very curious about your experiences, I would be interested in hearing anything you would be willing to share. It took only a few clicks, and I soon found the sad news that I suspected. Telepathy is the awakening of natural energies in the brain by which one mind speaks without sound to another mind.

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