Number key 1 Exit Home page of Recent files Page Shift Bookshelves Operation Shift Bookshelves Under the bookshelf interface, press OK to show menu, press the number key 5 can shift between the bookshelves of SD card and internal bookshelves. Press once to go to previous or next page Long press to turn 10 pages at one time Previous Next Page Page Jump Operation Page Jump Under the text interface, press OK to display the menu, then press the number key 3 to enter into the jump page function. Page See Catalog Operation See Catalog Under the text interface, press the number key 7 to enter into the catalog interface, the system can support multi-level catalogs.

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Page 3 See Index Page 4: Safety Notice Safety Notice Safety Notice For safely and efficiently use the product, please strictly abide by the rules, otherwise the danger will happen. Do not put the product under the direct ray of sunlight, and use or put it in the extra high and low temperature environment.

Page 5 Safety Notice Do not put the product in the dust, dirty place and the place full of erodent air. Do not use chemical solvent to clean the surface of the product. Please use the soft cloth to wipe up the dust from the surface of the screen or the cover. If the liquid drops on your body, please carefully clean it.

This product is CE approved. Install the battery according to the instructions on the battery slot. Page 10 Operation completely exhausted. Please do the above-mentioned process in the first three times use. It takes approximately three hours to charge the battery. Page 15 Operation titles. Press page turning button to previous or next page; Long press the page turning button to turn ten pages at one time. Quick press to previous or next bookshelf Bookshelf Long press to


Jinke Hanlin eReader V3+ User Manual

I have found a cousin of these readers - a near clone of the Astak EZReader, and since it was very inexpensive I bought one. It arrived minus any battery - boohoohoo!! I found that the spare Nokia BL-5C battery for my phone fits the slot and powers it up, but it is too thick for the battery door to shut on this reader. My query: Has anyone got both of these batteries and could you confirm that they are almost the same but that the Nokia BL-4C is just thinner?? Thanks for any help. Addendum: Another battery that seems to be the same as the Nokia BL-4C battery is a generic number battery, but since those sites listing it are in other languages it is difficult to be certain


Jinke Hanlin eReader V3 User Manual


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