Instructions for De-Scaling your Keurig a. You will also need an empty sink and a ceramic mug do not use a paper cup. Step 1: Make sure Brewer is unplugged! Carry Brewer to sink making sure that it stays upright. Step 3: Rest the rear of the Brewer flat on the counter with the drain positioned over the sink and allow Brewer to drain.

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Welcome Keurig Authorized Dealer! Reconfiguration is designed to be easily and quickly accomplished by a technician using only a 2 Phillips screw driver. It is advised that prior to beginning installation that all water be drained from the system using the drain tubes located at rear of brewer see Page 8 for Draining Instructions.

Turning the drained brewer on its left side, locate and remove the 2 screws located below that Cold Water Tank. For easy identification, the screws are located within indented surfaces on the Base Plate. Remove and reserve the screws. The Connection Access Plate can now be removed. On the side of the brewer locate the Connector Cover.

Remove and reserve the screw. The Connector Cover has an alternate position that allows for cable exit and reattachment to the Brewer Body. Two mounting holes with screws have been provided on the back of the brewer for this purpose. Keurig requires the use of an external water filter such as the Omnipure KQ8A to maintain warranty. A filter kit part number is available from Keurig. This kit contains a Omnipure KQ8A filter, filter head, and mounting bracket.

This procedure will prevent fine particles of carbon from entering and clogging the water inlet valve. Filter Installation 1.

Plug brewer into a dedicated GFCI outlet. If the electric circuit is overloaded with other appliances, the circuit breaker may trip. If possible, the brewer should be operating on its own circuit, separate from other appliances. Never use an extension cord. Consult a licensed plumber for water pressures in your area. Use plumbing fittings and tubing specified to withstand psig. When this occurs, the brewer must be cleared of these deposits to allow normal brewer function.

The following procedure outlines the steps required to prepare the brewer for the addition of the descaling solution. Unplug the brewer from AC Power Supply. Disconnect or interrupt external water supply feeding the brewer. Drain the Hot Water and Cold Water Tanks using the drain tubes, marked H and C, located at rear of brewer per the draining procedure as shown below.

At the rear, left, top of the brewer locate and remove two screws which will allow removal of the Top Cover and gain access to the internal Water Reservoir. Remove Screws 5 5. Pour Descaling Solution here 6. Reconnect the brewer to AC Power Supply. Proceed with descaling procedure as defined below: De-Scaling Procedure Preparation: Prepare at least 40 ounces of a commercial citric acid descale solution. You will also need a large ceramic mug a paper cup is not suitable for this procedure and access to a sink for discarding hot liquid.

Pour 40 ounces of descale solution into the Cold Water Tank through the Access Port shown above and turn on the brewer — the brewer will automatically fill and begin heating. Once the solution begins to exit the brewer, lift the Brew Head Handle just enough to halt the brew process and let the brewer sit for 40 minutes in this state.

At the end of the 40 minutes, lower the handle and the brewer should complete the brew do not be concerned if the brewer does not complete the brew. Pour the dispensed liquid into the sink. Shut down the brewer, disconnect it from AC power, and drain both Hot and Cold water tanks using the drain tubes located in the back panel of the brewer. Manually fill the Cold Water and allow to drain tank three times, using 40 ounces fresh water per fill.

Replace Drain Tube Plugs and Access panel. Reconnect or resume city water supply and power up the brewer. We suggest using the largest brew size to speed the process. Remember to open and close the brew handle between each cycle so the blue Brew lights will flash. Place the brewer back into service. You may need to perform additional rinse cycles if you notice any residual taste. Disconnect the brewer from AC power and, if applicable, disconnect the Direct Plumb Unit from water supply.

On rear of brewer locate Access Panel and remove securing screw. Lower the appropriate tube, remove Plug and drain into appropriate sized container. Replace Plugs and Access Panel.


Keurig B100 Use & Care Manual

The functions of these components are listed below. Water filling — The B is a direct plumbed machine. Municipal water is introduced to the unit through the inlet valve [X]. The supply water is then led to the cold water tank [BB] via the rigid plastic tube connected to the float valve [Y]. The cold water tank is allowed to fill approximately 16 ounces, milliliters and then the valve [X] is de-energized closed by the CWT float magnet proximity switch [Z] which controls the fill level.



Page of 1 Go. To print the manual completely, please, download it. Flashing Blue Needs water. Patents 5,; 5,; 6,; Comments to this Manuals Your Name. To drain your Keufig Brewer, please follow these instructions: Reset circuit breaker if necessary. Keurig B Brewer 3.

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