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Shelves: riedel-titles Wow! Five stars like no book has achieved! I have learned, reaffirmed, found new ways to express things again, and like always; am inspired anew. How is it possible in years? Take a religion run by guilt and fear of exclusion from the spiritual realm. We Wow! That such basics were angled a certain way, to my surprise is fact; not a theory!

It makes me glad I am not one who refused to believe anything "not found in those pages". I govern my life with the moral compass God gave me. If someone fights about religion; unapproachable, unpleasant to be around If we are caring, respectful, helpful, do things out of love You know you have the right idea by your heart.

We never offend our Lord for seeking truth. I was stunned to find clear, substantiated explanations about how testimonies from family and friends of Jesus were omitted by the politically-ambitious in AD; especially gospels penned by women dear to Him. See which books are missing compared to the Torah; the Jewish copy of the old testament.

The Dead Sea Scrolls are another source and even other gospel printings. King James deleted more. The new testaments themselves report differing details on major things. Enjoy Christmas and Easter with new eyes: freed from a muddled summary we were coaxed to believe. Being raised in a Christian household and always doubting the validity and source of the Bible particularly, I have been seeking many different perspectives on his life and teachings.

I love that Sylvia points out all the "editing" of the early church and the sheer fact that the Bible is in no way a verified source of historical information. Of course as a skeptic in general, I do not validate the notion that her spirit guide Francine is a I really enjoyed this perspective on the life of Jesus. Of course as a skeptic in general, I do not validate the notion that her spirit guide Francine is a valid source of information either.

She describes the story of Jesus healing a blind man by washing out his eyes with water that had a high alkaline content; a practice that took the crusts off his eyes formed by flies. However, this was not known to others as a cure, so it was seen as a miracle. Who has given the doctors and researchers this gift of aptitude and possibly even some of their ideas directly planted in their heads other than a God-force at work?

She points out that there have been prophets and seers of the future throughout the old testament who were respected and whose prophecies were believed to be carried out


Sylvia Browne: Todos sus libros



La vida mística de Jesús


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