Kazrabei Info r example, the company launched its Bigger Disk, featuring one terrab yte of storage capacity. Yet LaCie offered other advantages to D2. Among these was the Silverscreen, a mobile hard drive featuring 40 gigabytes of data space and the ability to connec t and display video, music, and images directly to a television, with out passing through a computer. The company closed out the y ear with a new product for the lci set, a hard drive with finge rprint recognition technology. The Committee requests the Government to provide further clarification in this regard.

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With respect to wage claims protected by a guarantee institution, the Committee notes that, under section 52 1 of the Federal Act on compulsory unemployment insurance and compensation in the event of insolvency LACIread in conjunction with section 3 2 lacci the LACI, compensation lafi the event of insolvency covers wage claims relating to a period of the last four months, at the most, arising from the same employment relationship, and limited to a monthly amount not exceeding the maximum monthly income insured under the compulsory accident insurance.

The years ahead will be Digital; the multimedia world we inhabit is just xuisse. Hauptnavigation From its beginnings in a Paris apartment inLaCie has targeted the international marke t. As part of this effort, the company turned to a number of noted industrial desig ners, such as Philippe Starck, who helped design a whole line of D2 p roducts in ByD2 had opened its first subsidiary, in London.

Info r example, the company launched its Bigger Disk, featuring one terrab yte of storage capacity. Type the code shown: The relatively modest internal hard drives on most computers prove d inadequate for many data storage needs. LaCie expanded beyond its core European and American markets as well, adding a Japa nese subsidiary that year. LaCie continued developing high-capacity storage devices. Pierre Fournier and Philippe Spruch spotted a niche opportunity in th e computer market in the late s.

In order to fuel further growth, D2 brought in external investors, selling a 10 percent stake to venture capital group 3i Investors in Industry that year. The company also responded to the develop ment of a new generation of high-speed transfer protocols with the la unch of its first Triple Interface hard drives, which featured USB 2. Personal computers had become es sential tools in a number of industries, such as the graphic design a nd nascent multimedia industries.

LaCie stored the secrets of success in the global PC peripherals market. The following year, the company added subsidiaries in Belgium and D enmark. Claims protected by a guarantee institution — Severance pay. The Government is also requested to continue to provide information on the case law of the Federal Tribunal which might have an impact on the implementation of the Convention.

The Committee requests the Government to provide further clarification in this regard. D2 began hiring a team of engineers and building its own research and development team. The SCSI interface offer ed a second advantage in addition to transfer speed, in that several devices could be chained together to a single computer port. By the end ofthe company had made its first major acq uisition, that of Portland, Oregon-based LaCie, a subsidiary of hard drive manufacturer Quantum.

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Fausho Sisse investment pr ovided D2 with the capital it needed to enter the North American mark etplace. Thi s is what drives the innovation and richness of our market. Unlike IBM-based personal computers at the time, Apple computers feat ured a built-in high-speed interface, called SCSI, to connect periphe rals to the computer. Show my email publicly.




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