Also included are four Formula one racers, a service truck with trailer and 13 Minifigures , including four race pilots, mechanics and spectators. Contents [ show ] Description The main structure consists of a long audience stand that runs above the pit lane, with a race control booth on one end and on the other a footbridge that leads over the race track to a staircase on the other side. On the bridge are also the start lights with time displays. The control booth contains one seat with a monitor and a telephone on 2x2 slopes in front of it. Victory Lap Raceway as seen in a catalog. The pit lane comprises two pit stops, each equipped with a car jack, a fuel pump and a tool rack with a fire extinguisher, a wrench, a hammer and a walkie talkie.

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Introduction Catalog entry Race cars has always occupied a special place as a toys. Every boy in his childhood played with joy on his face with such a car. In addition, a lot of alternative racing vehicles were designed for ordinary car sets. Please take a look here. You can see how much designs are actually available for racing - not only original vehicles, but a lot of these alternatives.

Lets get back to the set reviewed here - it is definitely spectacular. Personally, I always wanted to have it and I spent a little bit of time hunting for it. Two street plates joined with one long grandstand with the footbridge.

Four racing cars and one repair-assistance truck with a trailer for towing. Add couple of street plates to it and we have a brilliant race track. This set dates from the times of reign of Shell in sets of Lego. It is even possible that this set has larger amount of promotional stickers and printings. Four large inscriptions on the stands, three marks on the truck and two mechanics with Shell logo.

This set was presented in two excellent presentations. It represents quite a big town with several large sets of Metro Park, the police station and fire brigade. Source: Brickset. Finish line however, is visible back in the distance. Large cardboard box with drawer and flap in size of the entire packaging.

The effect was quite different when you could open the box before you bought it and see additional photos of the set, along with the contents of the box behind the transparent foil.

Originally, of course, the bricks were packaged in perforated foil and there was the plastic plate with the grooves for couple of most interesting bricks, which was imposed on the smaller drawer for that it actually was designed for. You will not see it in the picture below, because I do not have it.

Full gallery is located in the third tab at the bottom of this page. Packaging after opening There are five vehicles available in the set. One truck and four racers. Service truck Service truck has a standard hook on the back adapted to the special blue tow trailer, which is one big element, surprisingly for 80s!

It is not composed of bricks, this is one big part with old metal axle for wheels. The only thing which you can detach are the tires. The trailer has a curved entrance and a special place for two wheels so that the towed vehicle will not fall for sure. Racers are so low-profiled vehicles, that they are not able to drive independently on the tow trailer, even that it do not have high entrance.

They simply block because of a long front bumper. Unfortunately, even with the use of special part, trailer still does not fully meet its function. Finally, you simply need to raise the racer by yourself and put it on the trailer or attach it to the towing hook and hope that it will be pulled into place. However, when you place the vehicle on a trailer, the grooves for the small wheels visible at the front will effectively immobilize it.

This element of the trailer is successful and it would not be able achieve using regular bricks. Probably, this was the reason why it was decided to create such a special plate for a trailer. The truck has interesting resources, because the hook plain small brick with a handle on the rope wrapped on a wide roll is available at the back. In addition, two containers on both sides. One has a spare wheel, and a fire extinguisher is located in second. Service truck can be used for mobile support on the racetrack with no problem.

Quick tires exchange, putting out a small fire or finally towing away the wreckage after the crash on a trailer. Racers Racing cars are the main element of the whole set. What would be the finish line, the grandstands, or pit-stops without the most important element - the cars and drivers racing on the track!

There are four race cars, each different, but constructed exactly in the same way. Pattern used here has also been used in one other set only - an independent race car Sprint-Racer. Nevertheless, the structure is trivial and ordinary bricks have been used to construct it, so there is no problem to create more of them if necessary. One special block was used, 2x3 slope brick with number printed on the front. Drivers You can always use an ordinary brick and it will be good as well!

Four racing cars are included with inscriptions from 1 to 4 at the front. White, black, blue or red - they are easy to distinguish from each other even though they are exactly the same. Drivers are also dressed in different colors, even though everyone is in suit with helmet of the new type already having the glass.

Employees There are 13 figures available in this set! It is a set with the largest number of figures in whole Town theme.

Airport International-Jetport has 8 figures, big train like High-Speed-City-Express has 10 figures, even the largest sets like LEGO or Century-Skyway have 12 figures, and here we have 13!


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