Daily Chronicle meldet am Nachdem dies geschehen, seien drei- oder vierhundert Personen niedergemacht worden. Gestern wurden 36 Arnauten von einem Kriegsgericht zum Tode verurteilt und auf der Stelle erschossen. Hier wurden nur 6 Albanesen erschossen.

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Mikagar Countless Albanian Catholics have been murdered. Explore the Home Gift Guide. Near Kratovo, General Stefanovic had hundreds of Albanian prisoners lined up in two rows and mowed down with machine guns.

Indictment of the Exterminators of the Albanian PeopleGerman: Much of the food was stolen by the Serb soldiers from the Albanian villagers, leading to starvation and disease. They then looted the homes and brutally raped the women and girls. The following is known about him. Albaniens Golgatha : Leo Freundlich : The survivors remain behind in unspeakable misery and despair.

These people did not die with honour on the battlefield, but were slain in a series of gruesome raids. German View all editions and formats. Such disavowals have always been issued promptly, but all too often they albanies any semblance of credibility. The Serbian Denials In recent times, the Serbian government has countered most reports of atrocities with official denials.

Anklageakten Gegen die Vernichter des Albanervolkes A Serbian officer reported here: When soldiers later entered the bakery and saw the rifle, they frfundlich the baker for violating the weapons ban. History Sources Additional Physical Format: He was the only one of them who had the strength, in a calm and dignified manner, to refuse to give up his faith.

The report described the activities of the Serbs in Albania: Filling the vacuum, Serb troops invaded the territory to claim and occupy it for Serbia, and to cleanse it of its Albanian population. The mother, who had witnessed this scene, called out in desperation to her son. On Wednesday, starving and exhausted by the chill of the late autumn nights, she was taken to Prizren.

The author of the moving document, Leo Freundlich -was freunldich Jewish publicist living in Vienna. In Prespa, an Albanian women whose husband had been taken yolgatha shot five Serbian soldiers. Bandits play an important role in the pogroms, too.

As they had no money with them, one of them left the merchant his rifle as security. The terrified inhabitants came out of their homes with crucifixes in their hands and begged for mercy, but to no avail. When the order was issued in the towns for the immediate surrender of all weapons, only very few people complied. The Serbs thrashed the wretched individuals until they died. English Choose a language for shopping. Countless villages have been razed to the ground, countless individuals have been butchered.

Albaniens Golgatha There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Such shootings have taken place not only outdoors but also from within houses in occupied villages. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. Farewell until we meet in the other world! The Serbs have hastened to prepare the statistics for them with machine guns, rifles and bayonets. Because of Turkish persecution, they did not profess their faith openly.

I turn to the British public, to the nation which raised its voice so virtuously to protest against the Armenian massacres. For three days I could see the flames of burning villages in the sky. Related Posts


Albania's Golgotha : indictments of the exterminators of the Albanian people

The document is a compilation of news which he gathered when traveling in the Vilayet of Kosovo during the Serbian invasion of , explaining in detail the full-scale massacres, rape, expulsions, torture and abuse which Albanian civilians suffered under Serb rule by the army and Chetnik paramilitaries. The document describes the methods of ethnic cleansing which was used to remove the Albanian population of Macedonia , Northern Albania , and Kosovo. He called for an international investigation demanding that Serbian and Montenegrin forces leave Northern Albania and that the atrocities stop. Freundlich was also told by Serbian officials that they were going to wipe out the Albanians, despite protests from the Great Powers. The war crimes were, according to Freundlich, fully supported by the Serbian authorities.


Leo Freundlich

They have been jailing anyone who talks to him or who goes to mass or confession. Albaniens Golgatha edition Open Library Farewell until we meet in the other world! Anyone who denounces an Albanian to the Serbs can be sure that the Albanian will be executed. The wretched women were then forced to look on as their albanlens were literally hacked frenudlich pieces. The general then declared: For hundreds of years now, about 8, Catholics, so-called Laramans or secret Catholics, have been living in this archdiocese.

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