A manual, also referred to as a user manual, or simply "instructions" is a technical document designed to assist in the use Linear DXR by users. Manuals are usually written by a technical writer, but in a language understandable to all users of Linear DXR A complete Linear manual, should contain several basic components. However, the remaining part should provide us with information that is important from the point of view of the user.

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This receiver can be used in a variety of remote control applications. When the receiver detects a signal from a transmitter programmed into its memory, the relay output activates. The relay has four optional output configurations. In a typical installation, the receiver is connected to an alarm control panel, door strike, camera, high current relay or some other device.

A transmitter is used to activate or control the device. The receiver should be mounted with the supplied mounting bracket indoors or outdoors inside a weather resistant non-metallic housing.

The digital DX code format features over a million possible codes. The DX transmitters are precoded at the factory to unique codes, so no field coding is required. The memory is retained, even without power. Cutting jumpers select how the relay activates. The factory setting causes the relay to engage for four seconds each activation. Optionally, the relay can be set to engage for one second, toggle on with one activation then off with the next, or latch engaged until reset by pressing the program button.

The red program indicator lights during RF reception. The installer can verify that signals are being sent from transmitters and diagnose interference problems by viewing the indicator.


Linear PRO Access DXR-701 Security Wireless Receiver


GMW14872 PDF

Linear DXR-701 One Channel 1CH digital receiver SNR00148



Linear DXR-701 - 1 Channel Receiver


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