This makes it possible to easily analyze hiSeq amplicon data on a laptop, by any researcher. LotuS is aimed at scientists and bioinformatician that want a simple pipeline that is streamlined to a core functionality of creating OTU and taxa abundance tables, at very fast speeds e. LotuS does not include numerical analysis of samples, instead we designed LotuS output to be easily integrateable into existing workflows in e. Several quality filtering tests are included and sequences can be truncated based on accumulated error rates or quality windows falling below a threshold. LotuS workflow Advantages of LotuS Simple installation and updates of pipeline with installation script, no system variables need to be modified.

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There are two types of binding: early binding and late binding. Early binding is set by the compiler and works well because it uses type checking, works quickly and is easy to use. An example of early binding might be: Dim S as String Late binding is set at runtime. CurrentDatabase print V. If you do code for performance, it will only take you 60 minutes to open these using NotesView and only 12 minutes if you use NotesViewEntry!

Advanced LotusScript Tip 3. Lists can look these up quickly in memory. Use platform-specific code with classes Dim s as new NotesSession Dim mem as variant select case s. Class createUser function createUser Be aware though that this information is superceded by the GetThreadInfo command. If you use GetThreadInfo 11 , that will return you the calling class. If you use GetThreadInfo 10 , that will return you the function name.

And these are just the beginning. Through error trapping, we can track where we came from. It also prevents coding errors through using the copy and paste method.

Use the execute command By using the execute command, you can run LotusScript from a string. Use advanced logging By using the OpenNTF "OpenLog" solution, you can make simple LotusScript library additions to your code, provide "called from," "error," and "line number" functionality.

Our system now works on error trap and displays all objects in memory. Advanced LotusScript Tip The trick is to use each language to its strengths. LotusScript is the traditional Lotus Notes development language and works in the user interface. Mixing the two languages together is easy -- just call an agent, passing a Lotus Notes document.

You should also know that this works both ways, as you can call Java from LotusScript. This is called LS2J.


End of Support for IBM Domino Designer 9.0.1

The Lotus Approach Barcode Generation Tutorial contains information, examples and steps needed for generating barcodes in Lotus Approach. The appropriate barcode fonts must be installed before the application can display or print barcodes. For environment-specific installation instructions, please refer to these font installation procedures. Simply create a field computed for display that combines the start and stop characters with the field. Enter the formula in the Modification Formula box. Choose the appropriate barcode font for the newly created field, making sure that it is centered in the box with some white space before and after the barcode to ensure a clean scan. A separate field must be created that will contain the barcode.


LotusScript Classes Coding Guidelines

Filter whole sequence if one window of quality scores is below QualWindowThreshhold TrimWindowWidth, TrimWindowThreshhold Trim the end of a sequence if a window falls below quality threshhold. Set fastqVersion to 2, if you use Illumina 1. TechnicalAdapter if one or more files have a technical adapter still included e. Note that the format will be automatically detected AmpliconShortPE This option should be "T" if your amplicons are possibly shorter than a read in a paired end sequencing run e.

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