Kazidal Company Profile Message from President. What industry are you in? UART protocol that provides predictable delay for communication between computers of disparate ability. Detailed shape measuring system.

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Therefore the company reserves the right to change any or all aspects of any product specification without notice. The Digimatic code can also be converted into RSC format by any of several available gauge multiplexers. In this way, digital data can be sent to PCs for data acquisition and advanced statistical analysis.

Combined with a multi-user relational database, MeasurLink delivers a safe and organized data warehousing system making quality data available for viewing and analysis by any member of the production, engineering, and managerial staff throughout your company. Inspection in the factory produces data for analysis, corrective action, and various reporting needs.

As the backbone of your quality efforts, MeasurLink is guaranteed to reduce your production costs and increase profits. Scalable Network MeasurLink is capable of linking and managing multiple islands of inspection into a common database of part information, statistical data, gauge information, processes, etc. Information is shared across an entire manufacturing facility.

In general, the more powerful the PC, the faster the response times. U-WAVE MeasurLink Suite of Software MeasurLink is an easy to use, Windows-based family of quality data management software that combines real-time data acquisition, on-line statistical analysis, integrated networking, and quality information sharing into a comprehensive data management solution.

Note: Upgrade packages are also available. Please contact our sales department for details. A Mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benefit of the latest technological advances. User Friendly Click a gauge button and watch the charts update in real time. This helps the operator stay in control of the process.

Begin collecting data in minutes with the newly designed Inspection Wizard. Data Acquisition Collects data from digital micrometers, calipers, indicators, bore gauges, etc. Keyboard entry is quick and easy. Collect data for one or a million parts. Variable Data Collect dimensional data length, width, height, outside diameter, inside diameter, weight, etc.

Supports derived features calculations for run out, volume, true position, etc. Attribute Data Collect data from visual inspections burrs, cracks, dents, missing holes, etc. There is complete flexibility to study characteristics individually or in groups. Engineering Specifications Attach drawings to parts, routines or individual characteristics for viewing. Most file formats are supported as an attachment e. Empowers operator to build on existing pick list.

Corrective Action Plans Operators choose corrective action as applied to the part or process. Multiple corrective actions can be applied to any subgroup. Empowers operator to build on existing Corrective Action list. Sequenced and Random Gauge Input Flexible data input. Collect data by feature, by part or randomly. Guided sequencing minimizes inspection errors.

Time Stamped Data All observation data is marked with the date and time from the computer clock. Flexible Reporting Build report templates with company logos and free form text. Select and position chart types to customer specification. Track defects and defectives along with your dimensional data. Inspection Wizard Begin collecting data in minutes by defining features, tolerances and input method. Revision History Track specification adjustments and preserve historical data.

Mathematically Derived Features Fully functioning real-time calculator with standard mathematical functions including square root, exponential, trigonometric, sum, average, max and min. Part Pictures View scanned blueprints and digital photographs at Easy To Use MeasurLink provides the most intuitive interface a glance. On-screen guided sequencing keeps the with complete SPC functionality to help you operator moving to the right feature. With MeasurLink, you can easily manage Data Tests Full support of Western Electric and Nelson Tests for the quality levels of parts, identify problem areas and apply corrective action to areas in need of pattern recognition in control charts e.

Mitutoyo operates a policy of continuous improvement that aims to provide the customer with the benefit of the latest technological advances. In addition to the features above, this application also includes data filters and a full reporting tool complete with sample templates. Templates are saved to the database for everyone to use and can be added as data sources to data collection stations.

An import template can be verified against the source file without adding data to the system. This provides a tighter and more robust interface than importing data from files. MeasurLink provides robust filtering capabilities to comply with these requests.

Specifications Code No. Hoops 3D files can be exported from most CAD systems and provides the operator with a real view of the part. Camera angle and position can be saved for each characteristic, which provides for an intuitive, prompt-guided sequence for an inspector to follow. You can design them the same way as for the two dimensional view to include charts or statistical information with the ability to size any element inside the callout.

By saving a different view for each characteristic to be inspected, you can have the model rotate, pan or zoom to show the operator details of the part. It gives you the flexibility to analyse processes, identify problem areas and take corrective action to improve product quality.

Inspection runs can be sorted by Inspection Station, Routine or Part, and are displayed with the look and feel of Windows Explorer. Inspection data can be merged, filtered, grouped, charted and printed in the way you want. Designed for robust manipulation of Real-Time data in a networked environment using advanced features. It enables quality engineers to manipulate the data in meaningful ways that contribute to quality control initiatives.

For larger installations that use different databases, the ability to switch the connection allows an engineer to analyse data from all sources.

Full reporting template functionality is also provided. Apply saved filters to data and search for specific traceability or serial number criteria.

Process Manager provides a method for auditing the entire shop floor inspection activity from a single PC. Easily see process information without walking from one inspection area to another by viewing current production across all machines. Show clients your quality operation for the entire facility. Quality Control personnel can choose to display only specific stations, parts, routines or even critical characteristics that they are responsible for.

Establish Cpk thresholds for acceptability. Drill down for details on certain traceability, assignable cause, failed tests or serial numbers. Various alerts are provided to recognise and stay up-to-the-minute on production problems. Display the easy-to-read charts and detailed statistics.

Displays snapshot windows of characteristics that are currently being collected in MeasurLink Real-Time. The data can be sorted by Station, Process, Capability or Timestamp. Graphical tools allow for isolation of gauging problems including inconsistencies in technique between operators or inspectors. All elements required for the selected study to be completed are captured before the study is created, and the user is prompted to provide any missing information before beginning the study.

Users can also key in their data. In addition to standard calculations, the software provides graphical tools for analysis of the measurement system. The Xbar and R chart can show whether there is adequate gauge discrimination to record part-topart variation in production and if operators are consistent. The Part-by-Appraiser plot can show if there is a lack of consistency between operator inspection techniques. Periodic adjustments may be required to bring a gauge into specification.

Gage Management is a Microsoft Windows-based gauge calibration tracking software that is networkable and shares the same database used by the rest of the MeasurLink software family. This assists users in developing, maintaining, organising and managing information about their gauges.

MeasurLink Gage Management also supports the creation of vendor contact and user lists, and comes equipped with a smart calendar that allows you to define working days.


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