His parents were poor farmers and were known to be poor and charitable. Their family deity was Vithoba or Panduranga. His wife and son died of starvation in a famine in the region. His second wife was Jeejabai. Devoted to spiritual thought, Tukaram found it difficult to make his way through his worldly responsibilities as a trader and farmer. He studied the written works of Jnaneswar, Namdev and Eknath, the foremost Bhakti saints of Maharashtra.

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Literary works[ edit ] Sant Tukaram composed Abhanga poetry, a Marathi genre of literature which is metrical traditionally the ovi meter , simple, direct, and it fuses folk stories with deeper spiritual themes. The known manuscripts are jumbled, randomly scattered collections, without chronological sequence, and each contain some poems that are not found in all other known manuscripts.

Edwards wrote, Tukaram is never systematic in his psychology, his theology, or his theodicy. He oscillates between a Dvaitist [Vedanta] and an Advaitist view of God and the world, leaning now to a pantheistic scheme of things, now to a distinctly Providential, and he does not harmonize them.

He says little about cosmogony, and according to him, God realizes Himself in the devotion of His worshippers. All sciences have proclaimed that God has filled the whole world. The Puranas have unmistakably taught the universal immanence of God. The sants have told us that the world is filled by God. Tuka indeed is playing in the world uncontaminated by it like the Sun which stands absolutely transcendent". I have thus become one in joy with thee [Vithoba, God] and have lost myself in thee.

When fire and camphor are brought together, is there any black remnant left? Tuka says, thou and I are one light.

He who calls himself Brahma and goes on in his usual way, should not be spoken to and is a buffoon. The shameless one who speaks heresy in opposition to the Vedas is an object of scorn among holy men. One of his celebrated devotees was Bahina Bai , a Brahmin woman, who faced anger and abuse of her husband when she chose Bhakti marga and Tukaram as her guru.

His poetry is carved on its wall. It is they who helped to bind the Marathas together against the Mughals on the basis not of any religious ideology but of a territorial cultural identity". It is not obtainable for a heap of riches. It is not in the heavens above, nor in the entrails of the earth below. The essence of the endless Vedas is this: Seek the shelter of God and repeat His name with all thy heart. The result of the cogitations of all the Shastras is also the same.

Tuka says: The burden of the eighteen Puranas is also identical. Merit consists in doing good to others, sin in doing harm to others.

There is no other pair comparable to this. Truth is the only freedom; untruth is bondage, there is no secret like this. Companionship of the good is the only heaven, indifference is hell.

Tuka says: It is thus clear what is good and what is injurious, let people choose what they will. Sant Tukaram — this movie on Tukaram was screened open-air for a year, to packed audiences in Mumbai , and numerous rural people would walk very long distances to see it.


Tukaram Gatha in pdf – Download Poems of Sant Tukaram Maharaj in pdf format

Below is the link to the Tukaram Gatha in pdf and you can download it for free. Link — Tukaram Gatha in pdf Sant Tukaram CE was one of the greatest saints of India, and as such he has influenced and is still influencing the devotional and spiritual world of people of Maharashtra. Sant Tukaram was an ardent devotee of Lord Vitthal of Pandarpur. He began intensive studies of the writings of all Varkari saints right from Sant Jnandev to Sant Eknath. This strengthened his devotion towards Lord Vithal. The most important aspect of the literary study had on Tukaram was that he could overcome his reclusiveness and began to mingle with people striving towards their upliftment. People who were against his poems and teachings ganged up against him and they asked him to destroy all the poems by drowning them in River Indrayani that flows by Dehu.


Sant Shri Tukaram Maharaj's Abhang Gatha






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