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Edit Anomids were humanoids ranging from 1. Anomid skin was translucent with a faint coloring ranging from a light violet to a pale purple and was smooth, but wrinkled with age. They had large, slender hands with six fingers on each: two end fingers, two center fingers and two thumbs, with a sharp claw on each.

The fingers were paired in twos and slightly spaced apart from the others. The eyes of the Anomids were solid, with no visible irises or pupils and have been seen in varying shades of yellow or blue. The Anomids had pointed, fin-like ears that protruded from the sides of their heads.

Anomid hair was often long and well kept, and was always found in shades of black, gray or white. Some Anomids had bald domes with wrinkled skin and sparse hairs, though this could have been an effect of aging as other, presumably younger, Anomids were seen with full heads of hair.

These were not breath masks , as many offworlders might have assumed, but rather vocalizer units. The Anomids were born without vocal cords, so many decided to adorn their faces with these machines to better communicate with the galaxy , as learning or even understanding the six-fingered sign language of the Anomids was difficult to near impossible for most humanoids or humanoid-built droids.

These were not breath masks, but vocalizer units. Since Anomids had no vocal cords, they relied on these vocalizer masks to communicate with other species. Among themselves, Anomids communicated using an elaborate sign language.

Anomid sign language required six-fingered hands, which made it difficult for Humans or Human-programmed protocol droids to use. Anomids were governed by a Central Council , whose members were appointed by regional groups of techno-nobles, scholars, and business leaders for one to seven year terms.

Their legal system was cumbersome, as laws were never repealed. Instead, new laws were added to counter or modify old ones. Offworlders often studied the intricacies of the Anomid legal system, either for ideas for their own legal systems, or as examples of what not to do. Though they developed hyperdrive technology first, they did not leave their home system for a century.

They finally sent probes to other systems when a drought threatened food production on their home planet, by the year 15, BBY. They soon became active members of the Galactic Republic , learning technologies and other ideas from foreign cultures in order to benefit their society.

Among the first technologies they acquired were advanced Ithorian agricultural techniques, for which the Anomids were always grateful. Much of the technology developed or acquired by the Anomids had to do with agriculture—food was the main export and import to the Yablari system. They were also experts in the miniaturization of computer components, though they refused to work on computers with military applications.

Most Anomids were pacifists—historians believed that no major wars had ever been fought in the Yablari system. However, around 50 BBY , a nonconformist subculture developed among the younger Anomids.

These nonconformists wore light, sleeveless clothes rather than the oversized robes favored by most Anomids, and rejected their traditional pacifist ideals. Rebel operatives, on the other hand, liked to befriend Anomid travelers who might be persuaded to give money to the cause. Some Rebel safeworlds used Anomid food technology to stretch limited supplies.

Others sought new technologies or corporate connections which could be made in other regions of the Republic. Rarely getting involved in any form of military or defense force, Force-sensitive Anomid were drawn to the ideology of the Jedi Order.


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