It is "Dharma" [code of living] that separates us from animals. Without Dharma men as same as animals. It is also more important to be nice to people. According to me, that which pleases the most is the truth.

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He who listens to their pleasing words is not favoured by prosperity. It is the companionship of the virtuous. What is grief? It is the company of fools. What is loss? It is the dissipation of time. What is prudence? It is devotion to virtue. What is velour? It is the conquest of the senses. Who is the beloved wife? One who is devoted to her husband. What is wealth? It is knowledge. What is happiness? What is ruler ship? It is to command obedience.

Valor is inherent in the nature of the powerful, and age, as such, is of no consequence to their prowess. Where are you worshipped? Only one moon lights the sky, where as thousand stars do not. Similarly one noble son brings fame and respect to family than hundred fools.

As soon as crossing the river to the other side what is the use of the boat? Let every body in the world see each other likewise. Let me see every creature in this world with a friendly eye. But even Lord Brahma can not entertain the ones that are audacious due to the little bit of knowledge they have. One is the taste of subhaaShitas, other is the company of good people. One which is not given in charity or used for self-enjoyment, that wealth will attain the 3rd state.

For noble people, entire world is family. The teacher is father and mother to everyone who lives on the path of justice. A quarter from his fellow students and a quarter in due course of time. It is a safe and hidden treasure. It provides prosperity, fame and happiness. Knowledge is the teacher of all teachers. Knowledge is the Supreme God. It is the knowledge, not wealth, which is adored by kings. Without knowledge one remains as animal. How did Rama fail to see Golden deer could never be?

How Yudhishthira fail to know Gambling brings a train of woe? Clutching evil dims the sense, Darkening intelligence. Kindly provided by our reader Shreevatsa. Even though, Ram desired to get the golden deer. In the time of destruction the intelligence goes opposite. Sent by an anonymous reader. All other actions only drain your energy. Only the education that liberates is the right kind. All other education is like sculpturing.

It may take a lot of time, but it does get filled. Such is the story of accumulation of knowledge via education , good karma by doing noble deeds , and wealth. All of these are very slow processes.

Everyone will readily listen to such advice but very few are inclined towards service and sacrifice for a spiritual cause. These are only natural to all beings. If one can abstain from all these, then one can achieve great results. Guru is one of the most honorable personalities in Indian Hindu tradition. Difference between an ignorant person and a knowledgeable person is stated as difference between a blind and a person with normal eyesight.

Guru is a person who gives sight to otherwise blind person. Where not to live? By some way or the other hook or crook , one should become a popular person! This is a satire to people always wanting to be popular. Obviously Subhaashitkar is asking us to check whether we are doing anything like that. Dharma protects the person who protects it. Hence, dharma should not be destroyed but protected.

Dharma that is destroyed, destroys. Never steps onto a new place without examinig it. Without examining the next place, he does not leave the previous abode. According to me nArada here thing which is beneficial to large community, is truth. Further to have a noble character is harder and further still is modesty. The same drop shines like a pearl on a lotus leaf.

Usually excellent, medium and bad states of a person are dependent on company. A woman should never be left alone to fend for herself. There is nothing as powerful as enthusiasm. This subhashit says "If there is a will, there is a way. One who does not donate in-spite of being rich and the other who does not work hard in-spite of being poor!! One gains all the above by giving food to the poor.

Tamboolam: The leaf of piper-betel, which together with areca-nut, catechu, chunam lime , and spices is usually chewed after meals. Drinking of milk by snakes is only going to result in increase of their poison.

What is Impossible? Does distance matter to those who are industrious? Which is foreign land for the learned persons?

Who is a stranger for those who talk sweetly? Subhashitkar here is trying to portray importance of self esteem in life. If one has it, he is as good as living long life.

If a person does not have it, then according to subhaashitkar, life and wealth he has, is useless. Because, a serpent bites occasionally very seldom. But, the wicked person stings causes pain at every step always. Man has two eyes, however, only one tongue was created. Similarly intelligence buddhi of a person his grasping power covers all the subjects.

Just like a disease which is in our own body does so much harm to us while the medicinal plant which grows in forest far off does so much of good to us! And he practices religion as if he is tightly held in his hair by death. Prostitutes look very beautiful when they make-up. War stories are very interesting.

All these three things are interesting from distance Better be away from them. They, on this Mrutyuloka, on this Earth, are being who are loads literl translation would be; liabilities, those that only receive and don not contribute in return , in the form of people and are animals that simple graze.

When the containers are given some jirk the water inside it will also move and create some noise. But there is only one archer, Manmatha, who unites two into one.

So the poet takes something that is meant for a singular purpose and uses it in the context of getting an entirely opposite result. The bad qualities do not vanish just by changing outer look. We have to change our inner self. He says, a fool person comes without invitation he lands up anywhere even if he is not required i.

Lamp is for the welfare of all humans.



He who listens to their pleasing words is not favoured by prosperity. It is the companionship of the virtuous. What is grief? It is the company of fools. What is loss? It is the dissipation of time.


Subhashita Ratnavali

May all these factors make your organisational-power an impressive one. The term "Arya" is used to refer to elder or respectable person in India. A person who does the things which he is supposed to do i. In short, the one who obeys dharma is Arya. Just like a disease which is in our own body does so much harm to us while the medicinal plant which grows in forest far off does so much of good to us! While fighting with others enemy we are hundred plus five.

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